Ryan can you come here please!

Here I thought yesterday was gonna be a blue and boring day. I was up in my room sleeping when Mom called up and ask me if I could come down. I was like yeah sure give me a few seconds. I went down and Mom was sitting there with her best friend and said Sally would like 2 talk 2 u. I am like oh wtf have I done? Mom seen the look on my face and said don't worry u haven't done anything wrong but she has a problem and she thinks u can help. I am like ooook. Sally started talking really more rambling and I am tryin 2 keep up I have no idea what this women is saying I look over at Mom confused and Mom finally said Sally found some tissues and a towel and last night she peek into Jeremy's room and she said she seen him masturbating. Ok I am about 2 lose it right I am like what does this have 2 do with me I didn't show him how! Sally is like I know Ryan but I was wonderin if u could talk 2 him about it? I am like maybe Dad would be better for this job and Mom is like your Dad is away on assignment. DAMN DAMN DAMN!

I am like what would u like me 2 say 2 Jeremy. His Mom said well I know its a normally thing but since he anit got no male role model he needs 2 know about sex and playin with it and such. Tell him what your Dad told u about sex and playin with it. I am thinkin ok my Parents told me it was mine play with it as much as I want and Mom was like and make sure u use only one towel! I said ok I'll talk with him. She brought him over last night so I took him into town for some ice cream a good ice breaker huh? Anyway I said Jer your Mom wanted me 2 talk 2 u about the birds and bees are you ok with this? He said sure I have some questions anyway. I am like wow a bold little boy so I told him what I knew and I told him about jackin off and he told me he does that a lot and likes the feeling. I am like damn what is with thses kids now a days just so open. I told him it was ok 2 jack off but Moms don't like to find the towels and tissues and make sure he locks his door when he does it.

Good Gosh I feel so like my Dad!
Later from Atlanta!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Your Mom and her best friend sally are wonderful parents. If only we could all have had parents like these. Mine told me I was going to burn in Hell for masturbating. Mine would never let me alone with an openly Gay man for fear I would be turned to the dark side. Guess what mom I'm Gay! No matter how many times I got the belt strap to my Ass I'm still gay. You gave Jeremy the right advice. Ed

  2. elise Says:

    I think that's so cool that you could help out Jeremy--it is such an important subject for every young person, gay or straight, and I'm afraid is still being mishandled (no pun intended!) by parents/churches/educators, etc.

    Your Mom and Sally are smart women, to ask you to speak to Jeremy!

  3. Uncle Gerry Says:

    Good for your Ry! The more we educate the young ones the better off they are. I wish more parents were like your Mom and Sally, mine sure were not, I could not even shut the bedroom door without Mom or Dad coming back to open it so they could hear if I was up to something. Glad you were up to the challenge.

  4. gomad.ch Says:

    Maybe you can turn this into a business.

  5. Laurie Says:


    You handled it all wonderfully. Now
    you have to have that talk with me
    ha! j/k

    I have some good news for you! It's
    about one of my students! He was
    outed to me awhile back and I asked
    him today if he needed to talk. He
    did some and with tomorrow being
    TAKS day (a stupid test) I don't
    think I'll be able to talk to him.
    I want to give him your blog
    address. Is that alright with you?



  6. jimm Says:

    I wonder what other single moms do? Anyhow, you are the new "Dr Phil!" Congratulations!

  7. Polt Says:

    about 15 years ago, a very good friend of mine asked me about it, cause he 10 year old son had started, and she didn't know what to do about it.

    We talked about it and she had me talk to him, espcially after I persuaded her that NO boy wants his MOM talking to him about sex. :)

    Good for you, ryan!


  8. Tim Says:

    Hah! hillarious. Just be sure to warn him about chafing! that was a bitch to learn about.

  9. Jon Cox Says:

    Haha, AWESOME post!!
    Good for you for helpin out!! :o)
    I hope you are feeling better, Ryan! Take care!!

  10. Patti Says:

    Awww your such a role model and seriously it speaks well of you that Sally wanted you to talk to him!

  11. Java Says:

    This is kinda funny, but it is fantastic that you could help them out like this.

  12. D-Man Says:


    Yeah, it's a bit awkward, but how cool that they actually came to you to ask for your help.

    Troy got humiliated and beaten when he was caught... so I think the way you were asked to deal with it is soooooooo much better...