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What to talk about today hmmm let's see....... Hillary pulled it out last night I bet she is happy today. Personally I think her and Obama are hurting there party. The way I see it as long as there fighting each other for the nod McCain has his nod and go forward and sit back and pick them both apart and really don't have 2 do the work coz Clinton and Obama are gonna bad mouth each other and McCain can just sit back and wait 4 them 2 say the bad things and then he can use it. I just don't like what I am seeing with Clinton or Obama right now and hope it don't hurt us in November.

Speaking on politics my governor of the wonderful state of Georgia Sonny Perdue hasn't officially back McCain yet but is planning to headline a fundraiser for him I see. I wont even get started on Sonny coz I think he was a bad choice for Georgia Governor I just don't care for him. He is a republican maybe that has some 2 do with it haha. One thing he was a part of that pissed me off was changing the flag of Georgia. Now I know when people see a confederate flag they think the flag stands for hate. That's coz of the skin heads and nazi jerks that took the flag and tried 2 make it there own. Well I love history and have read all I could on this and I am hear 2 tell u there were many black confederate soldiers that fought for that flag and died for that flag. Now I am not saying that the war was right coz I don't believe that but it's apart of our American history and I think we should honor those who fought and gave there lives for what they believe in. So taken the Georgia flag and changing it pisses me off I's sorry but that's my feeling on that.

Old State Flag
New State Flag

I guess that's enough of me bitichin and talkin about politics for one day. What's your thoughts on Hillary or Obama love 2 hear them. Oh I am going 2 the doctor today wish me luck my white cell count is up!

Later from Atlanta.

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  1. Troystopher Says:

    Good Luck Today!

  2. Uncle Gerry Says:

    you had better be taking care of urself,nephew. good luck and let me know what happens luv n hugs

  3. sillyboi Says:

    Ryan, considering I grew up in Indiana and was uncustomed to the civil war and everything that it made no sense to me to change the flag. Indiana was a very neutral state on context. Personally i think the flag was a mistake to change it.
    Now about our Governor, well I am not sure if you are aware of this or not, but when Purdue was in the House for GA he was a Democrat and also when he was in the Senate aswell. It wasnt until he switched Parties to run against Barnes that he turned Republican. So thats a little bit of History for you.
    Now as far as Hillary and Obama go, I believe they are hurting the democratic party. Fighting it all out and I personally dont like Obama. But I prefer Clinton, but if she doesnt win the Nod, then I will have to switch Parties and Vote for McCain, as I just dont trust Obama. I would much rather have a Republican in office than Obama. I know I am weird and I guess thats what you get when you are a swing voter. Ok Thats my 2 cents on the issue.. LOL.. God I dont like politics but i will discuss them. LOL

  4. Patti Says:

    Good luck on your doc visit!

    I hear ya on the flag and agree 1000%. I was pissed when they removed the confederate flag from atop our State House. Still am.

  5. Laurie Says:

    Hey, your govenor can't be as bad
    as the one here in TX. He's got his
    head up his butt so far he's
    looking out his mouth.

    About your 'bird' you know I do!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Governor's don't get me started. My Gov. Mitch has messed with our time and now we don't know wtf time it is. He privatized all the state jobs and now everything moves at a snails pace. He sold our Toll roads to a syndicate from Spain/Australia. Now he wants to raise our sales tax. Yes, you guessed it he's a Republican. He is a big Bush supporter. Most of our National Guard troops are in Iraq. If we had a crisis at home it would be very bad.
    I'm all for Hillary Clinton her husband is right there laying next to her if she needs help. She won't have to be like Obama and call Jesse Jackson for advice.
    I think the Stars and Bars are a proud symbol of the old south and only bigots find it offensive.
    I do hope your White and Black cells get along and that you get better and get your Ass to WV real soon. Ed

  7. Skreet Says:

    ...remember that the "old" GA state flag was created in 1956 as a response to the civil rights movement. Before 1956 it looked a lot like the "new" state flag.

  8. Lewis Says:

    Hey, the blacks did whatever they were told. They fought in whatever war, under whatever flag, they were asked too. Wasn't going to be a pretty day if they didn't.

  9. jimm Says:

    Im a civil war buff myself. Got me stars n bars too. Someday i hope to travel more and visit some sites. But i would really like to visit those places during the same season the battles took place.

    Useta be plenty of stars n bars on ppl's vehicles, but you wont see much of that up north anymore. May as well be burning a cross.

    Politics. There's a movie called Glory Road. It's about when WTexas won the NCAA hoops with all black players. It's time, that's all.

    I'll put up a short blog.

    I be pulling for the white cells. Keep up the recovery.

  10. THE NEW FLAG ACTUALLY IS VERY CLOSE TO THE "CONFEDERATE STARS AND BARS" the Stars and Bars had a wide red stripe over a wide white stripe over a wide red stripe. in the corner it had a blue field with stars representing each of the confederate states. The Battle Flag was placed on the georgia flag in a racist response to Brown VS. Board of Education in 1956. I contend that in the case of the georgia flag a symbol for states rights was corrupted into a racist symbol and I am glad it is off the flag.

  11. CreamedHoney Says:

    Glad you're feeling better Ryan.
    As for the continuing fight for the Democratic nominee--competition is great and will focus attention on the potential nominees. It's a long time till November. With no competition for the Republicans--interest will certainly wane. I don't think the country can afford another Republican administration. With a three trillion dollar war continuing and with McCain supporting it--I doubt he has much of a chance with an overwhelming majority of the population opposed.

    As for your comments on the flag--check out the "flag" entry in the "New Georgia Encyclopedia." The old 1956 flag was entirely the creation of segregationists and had absolutely no historical foundation.