Learning as I go

There is so much 2 talk about and so much I just can't talk about right now. I am sorry I haven't been blogging like I use 2 just so much going on it seems like. Seems like we keep taking on more and more patients at work not that I am bitching I can use the money. I know your thinking yeah right the boy who spent 195.00 dollars on a pair of pants well 2 let everyone know I have been cut off so 2 speak haha. What it is my parents take care of the house bills but as far as gas in the cars and food and clothes shit like that they told me it was time I did it on my own. I am like wtf? But ok fine I will do it I know I am blessed coz what parents would buy a house for ya pay for the electric and the house bills for ya? So we have learned well I shouldn't say we coz Austin is used to paying his way I should say me I am learning real quick how 2 stretch a dollar with the price of gas I have learned that its way cheaper 2 take Austins honda then it is 2 take my big truck funny how that works workd huh? What's that song I heard the other day "there is a pain in my gas" yeah I totally understand!

There some other stuff going on in my life right now I just can't talk about even tho I want 2 I think if I could get it out in the open people might be able 2 help some. But for now I just can't I am working on it and maybe soon I can let ya'll in and ya'll can help. The thing I can talk about is how far is a person suppose 2 go as a friend? See I am not sure when I cross the line I mean a person can only do so much but if a person refuses then you must stop right? Hell I don't know I am just confusing ya'll more. I'll just go and I will try 2 blog more when I can.

Later from Tampa Bay!
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  1. Carl Says:

    Only you can tell when it is enough or you have gone too far. I can't give you any advice on this because most of the time I don't know my limits either.

    No one can really help on this issue, you are damned no matter what you do. There is no right answer.

  2. Laurie Says:

    Nope, I know what you're saying.



  3. Anonymous Says:

    I want to help you cause you're my friend. I don't know enough about what's going on so I'll keep out of it for now.
    I got troubles too. My house is surrounded by water after getting 10 inches of rain in 24 hours. My kitchen is flooded but I can't complain because I've got my health. I am unable to attend school because I can't get there with the roads under water.
    It is so great that your parents have helped you to get started. A big hug from a useless old fart. Ed

  4. Carl Says:

    Ed, You win!

  5. Tim Says:

    well theres nothing like paying your own bills to make you want to work!

    remember if you cook you can save a lot of money.

    As for getting involved, well sometimes all you can do is leave a door open and call regularly. don't judge, don't pry and don't plan on doing anything else than listening. The rest will answer itself.

  6. jimm Says:

    hmmm... not sure what ur blogging about. Do things for other ppl cuz it makes you feel good. Not bcuz you expect something in return.

    Jus wondering, how does hearing loss impact your friendships? Do they even know? Are you as open about that as your sexuality? The stigma of wearing hearing-aids can be overwhelming.

    if i be prying too much, jus tell me to piss off.

  7. elise Says:

    Hey Ryan--I am so glad that you are into your job, helping people and also feeling the satisfaction (and pinch!) of paying your own way.

    I know this isn't your 1st job, but it seems more important, as it's part of your growing independence and getting "back on track".

    One of your special gifts is your true, heartfelt desire to help people, especially friends. And that can get complicated, as you know, with the issue you've raised about crossing the line.

    I don't believe there is any one answer to that, because I think each situation is different.

    Listen to your gut feelings, and when you have a tough call, ask the advice of someone you really trust, especially if that person knows the other party, or some of the circumstances involved.

    As for your latest personal "mystery" issue--can you e-mail me for some discussion?

    big hugs....

  8. Uncle Gerry Says:

    Ryan darling, you know I love you but I just hate it when you do not confide in me as often as I would like. Think Elise nailed it on the advice, now pick up the phone and call me or but out the laptop and give me an IM. Love to all at the beach and Tara.