Sunsets & Questions

First I would like 2 answer Jimm's questions about my hearing. My hear loss I don't think impacts my friendships I know I do a lot of huh or what did you say. I know my friends have 2 repeat themselves over and over around me but it don't seem 2 bother them at all. My sexuality I am open about I don't wear a sigh that says I'm queer look at me or anything like that but I don't hide it either. If someone ask me if I am gay I tell them the truth. I feel being gay is a small part of who I am but it is who I am hope that makes since. I do live in a gated community that is a gay community but the reason for this is I feel safe here and lets face it I run around nude sometimes hell ok most the times and I didn't want 2 have neighbors that would freak if they seen a skinny white boy skinny dipping in the pool. Well I think that answers Jimm questions if anybody has any feel free 2 leave a comment or email with them and I will answer them.

This week has went by so fast I think working everyday makes that happen. I am learning real quick about money and how 2 make a dollar last. Dad is standing strong on this I know it's for the best and I am learning but damn didn't know it would be this hard. Guess it could be worse and I would have 2 pay rent and electric. There has been a lot going on in the news I wanted 2 talk about but 2 be honest when I come home from work last thing I want 2 do is get on the puter and blog about it so it gets put on the back burner and then forgot about. The weather has been crazy hasn't it damn I just seen this morning about a tornado in Iowa that killed 4 people in a boy scout camp. I am worried a little about hurricanes this year now that I am in Florida they really scare me they seem 2 like this state a lot. Let's just hope they pass me on by! I am still dealing with my problem with a friend who seems 2 be making his problem worse I just can't seem 2 help him even tho I can tell he is asking for it but just won't take it all I know it makes me damn tired!

Later from Florida!
9 Responses
  1. Lewis Says:

    Honestly, I love you just the way you are.....who cares about your hearing or where you live or if it has a gate.....sigh.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I have two questions, how the Hell did you get so smart at such a young age? And how does your heart fit in such a small place since it is so big and caring? I think they could cut your toe off and hit heart because you're all heart man. I got no money either but if I did I would probably give it all away to children's hospitals and humane society and food banks.
    Ryan, you can't help a guy if he won't accept that help. just be there for him when he finally hits the bottom. Hugs and a sloppy Gay virtual kiss. Ed

  3. Carl Says:

    Is the house for sale next to yours? I would buy it. LOL

  4. Tim Says:

    LOL money maker, money, money maker. I'm not going to lie you having to earn money is kind of funny but in a good way.

    I've had lots of friends with different disabilities but you just learn to adjust around them. I have one right now that has a weird condition where his ears can't differentiate between multiple sources, so he says "huh" a lot too. I try to read his face and let him pick spots where he feels comfortable and can hear well.
    Hope you have a good weekend! The hurricane season will likely be stronger this year, than the last two. But no one knows if that will mean more storms making landfall.
    You already know how to face your fears, the weather is no different.

  5. jimm Says:

    skinny dipping? now there's sumpin i aint done since Boy Scouts! Thanks for answering questions. About your friend, sometimes a hug is better than words.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I knew I was gay at around 13 but kept it hidden for a long time.

    Finally at 25 I had enough. It was a process of coming out because most people who know me wouldn't expect I was gay at first pass.

    And as for bills, they only get more expensive as you get older.

  7. elise Says:

    I love how you refuse to label yourself, or try to fit into a box that others have created.

    You are not defined by how your ears function, or who you love, etc.

    Have a safe, happy and love-filled weekend!

  8. Chicka Says:

    You read lips too, don't you? (I'm hard of hearing in one ear and tend to read lips a lot. No formal learning or anything - I just have always done it that way.)

    Who cares! If people can't love you for who you are, then they can go to hell.

    It's crazy all over. Hang in there.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Completely forgot to mention hearing loss. Mine didn't hit until after my 30's. I'm about 65dB down in the left ear. The right ear shows minor losses, mostly high frequency.

    All relates back to ear infections I'd had when I was very young. Apparently you do suffer damage from infections. I cognitively knew that but didn't think the ear was covered by that process.