Room Full Of Roses

Just an update things with me and Austin are find yesterdays post has nothing 2 do with us. Yes I am a romantic type of guy and sorry for wanting that. I guess seeing my Grandparents after all these years still in love and my Parent's even though they had a stumble I can see they still love each other. Old fashion type I guess I am guilty of that. So me and Austin are fine yes it's a new love and they will be bumps in the road we know that but that post yesterday was for someone else. Patti got it and she understood what I was trying 2 say. Right now I have my hands full and got a lot on my mind and I am little worried about a friend sometimes I find a different way 2 say what I am feeling. So understand I am fine and I am not having any thoughts about doing anything bad 2 myself though thanks for caring means a lot 2 me!
A friend of mine told me this and I liked it so much I want 2 share it with ya'll.
"black is beauty simplistic yet everything and nothing"
Thanks Jared!
Later from warm and sunny Florida!
5 Responses
  1. Laurie Says:

    I love black roses.

    Glad all is well!


  2. Lewis Says:

    Okay, so do you ALWAYS have to say something about "Sunny Florida"??? I mean, it's June (summer!) and it's pouring rain and in the 50s today. Been missing you around my email inbox.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    It is 90 degrees here. I don't have Air Conditioning. I'm hot and depressed. I'm glad you're doing fine. Ed

  4. Carl Says:

    If you have never seen a real black rose, I highly recommend calling your florist and getting a few. If you think red roses are beautiful, wait until you see the black ones. They are the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen.

  5. "smiling and smug" i'm so seldome right! Take THAT bitches *grin*
    Hugs Ryan!