Goodbye Sophie

As ya'll know yesterday Estelle Getty or as we all know her as Sophie passed away yesterday she was 84 years old her birthday would have been this Friday. I grew up on the Golden Girls it was my Mom's favorite show and it turn out 2 be mine also. So yesterday when the news came out I was shocked my Mom called me and she was sad over it. How could anyone watch the Golden Girls and not laugh at her she made that show you can still see the Golden Girls on Lifetime. So I just want 2 say Thanx Estelle for the laughter the tears and the love you showed your fans now go up there be in no more pain and give them a hell of a show on that Golden Stage. Sophie thanks for being our friend!

The Golden Girls
4 Responses
  1. Laurie Says:

    I still don't beleive shes gone :(
    Man, her and betty white are my


  2. Carl Says:

    Picture it, Sicily, 1924, a young peasant girl.....

    I think the show was fantastic and I watched it all the time.

    Sophia was my favorite character...

    Shady Pines Ma, Shady Pines.....

  3. Ryan Field Says:

    Hey Ryan...just stopping in to see how you are.

    GG is still one of my favorite shows...Estelle was cool.

    Hope u r good!! Keep in touch.


  4. Okay I never was a huge Golden Girls fan but Estelle was cute as a bug. RIP sweet lady.