A sort of homecoming

A quick update while the manwife is in the bath:

I'm currently back at my parents place as my maternal grandmother recently passed away. It's all a bit poo really. Thankfully the manwife has popped over from nearby Brighton, where he was house-hunting, to lend a hand where needed. It's the first time he's visited my parents place so I've been doing the local touristy things with him which didn't take long but provided a welcome distraction from the domestic situation. I've been helping out with the music for the service, mainly tracking down the old songs that my grandfather wants played and trying to edit them down the way my mother and uncle want. I've also been liaising with the funeral directors and a few other external services. So far so useful... The viewing's on Friday and I'm not expecting that to be easy. I managed to hold it mostly together when I found out she was on her way out and then again when she died but am not anticipating being so stoic when I see her again. We'll see. The service is on Monday.

In other news: Happy belated birthday to Ryan! May troops of buff men serenade you and feed you handpicked grapes! You gorgeous guy you!
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  1. Laurie Says:

    Oh Calvin,

    I'm sorry to hear about your
    grandma :(

    I'm dealing with a whole other
    issue with mine. She has had

    My thoughts are with you and your


  2. So sorry to hear about your loss :(