Sorry for the late post I was gonna post yesterday but just ran out of time. I had 2 work a double yesterday and then came home and got wrap up in the Olympics. Have ya'll been watching any of the Olympics? I been watching the swimming the most maybe coz when I was in school I was on the swim team and I have 2 admit I thought of being on the swim team for the Olympics I think I could have made it but the only thing that held me back is all the training and all I just didn't have it in me. I just couldn't commit my heart 100% to a team so I gave up that dream. I am very proud of the swimmers we have on the team and what can I say about Michael Phelps he's just awesome. Do you like the summer or winter Olympics the best?
The weekend camping trip was great but then again any weekend with Mikey is great.This week is gonna be a crazy week I am working a lot of doubles so I can have some time off in a couple weeks. We haven't work out all the details yet of who gonna live where and all but I think were leaning on him moving back here all I know for sure is that I want him 2 finish his schooling and he agree 2 that. He had 2 go back this morning coz of work so I will be alone again but I'll be ok coz working like I am will take up time and besides we have the phone anit the same tho as having him here. Well I need 2 go I'm off 2 work I'll post more soon!

Later from Florida!
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  1. gomad.ch Says:

    Yes, coddle that boy and see that he finishes that school.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I like the men's water sports, I mean, Oh you know swimming, diving and such. I like the Wrestling in the Winter Olympics.
    You have a swimmers build. I hope you didn't get eaten while camping. By Mosquitos I mean.
    If I was rich I would live up north in the Summer and way down south in the Winter. maybe you two guys could do the same? The best of both world's. It has been chilly up here which is very strange for August. Makes me wonder about this global warming crap. Hugs and more. ed
    word verification is getting out of hand: xbfvxtrz jeez!

  3. Laurie Says:

    To busy for mom :( J/K! I have to
    give ya a 'hard' time heehee!
    You know that I loves ya and I will
    worry about you two no matter what.

    Glad you had a good weekend. Just
    listen to me when I ask you not to
    over work yourself. I know you want
    the time off but it isn't worth
    your health.


  4. Polt Says:

    The Summer Olympics are definitely better cause there's not too many sports you can play in the winter where the guys are clothed only in Speedos. :)


  5. Hey, I'm glad your trip went well. I just posted my first list of Olympic Hotties on my blog, and most are swimmers! ;) Come by and check it out!


  6. elise Says:

    As I recall, you and Mikey used to really heat up the phone lines when you were apart!

    I love the summer olympics, but I wish the male swimmers would scrap those body suits. More Speedos!

  7. I like the winter olympics better but I agree Phelps is a phenomenal swimmer!
    Awww you & Mike make me smile!