Mikey Let Me Be There!

We are going camping yes we me & Mikey! There so many songs 2 pick on my feelings but today this one just fits! I like it by both singers so I had 2 but it up by both. Have a good weekend I haven't said it in a while thanx 4 the love and support means the world 2 me!

Later from Florida!
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  1. Laurie Says:

    Have fun! Oh and don't come back
    pregnant! HAHA!!

    Seriously though, I'm really very
    happy for you and you both know it.


    ps. he's nekkid! YIKES!

  2. LMAO at that crazy Laurie!

  3. Martin Says:

    Camping?! Now you know that's just an excuse for you to go running around the woods naked! hahahaha
    Just don't run thru any poison ivy plants.

    Have a fun time, not that it needs to be said.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    You and Mikey? Wow! what a surprise! Is this a song title? Shakin' the Woods Down Tonight. If it ain't it should be. You can get pregnant if you want to...what? Oh yeah, well atleast you can try. Oh to be young in such an age as this. Old man ed

  5. jimm Says:

    well bud, as ive said before, im confused, nd i still am.

    But this is what i see, in the backwoods camping, you guys are in Mikey territory. Under the dazzling city lights, that's Ryan's playground.

    if ya both can tolerate each others preference, than you can make a go at life together.

    For you Mikey, it's must be really hard, probably impossible, to live openly as a gay man in rural West Virginia. I mean, heck, you took those pics to illustrate your towns non-existent 'pride parade.' It's always gonna be that way there. I'm not putting down your State. Its a beautiful place, jus like Upstate NY is so awesome. But, like here, it must be an awfully difficult place to live as a gay man. That negative feeling must overwhelm your senses.

    All im saying is that you should live in a place where your lifestyle is most tolerated. Don't live in a place where you have to hide who you are.

    And wtf, camping, which i luv too, is never more than an hours drive away.

    and Ryan, i dunno, but you do like to party some. How can you nd Mikey co-exist with his difficulties around alcohol? Ive found it almost impossible to resist drinking when all my friends are partying. Myself,I would babysit the keg, keeping my mug filled, cuz i couldn't hear the ppl at the party. always got shitfaced. always made a fool of myself, too.

    You 2 guys are between a rock nd a hard place. But with some maturity, you can work it out.

    well, that's jus my opinion.

    sorry this is a long comment, but I luv you guys, nd i hope you both live life to its fullest.

  6. Carl Says:


  7. Chuck Says:

    I like Laurie's sentiment, but I don't hold it against you if you TRY to come back pregnant ;)

    Man, Ryan, do I hope you two can work this out. Compromise can be a bitch, but seriously, I hope you can do it.

    My boy lives out in the country, and I live in a big city.... we're so lucky to each appreciate what the other has, and to enjoy the time we have to spend out of our element. I wish you two the best... In the hopes that we all can find a way to make it work :)

  8. elise Says:

    Thank you for finally sharing this wonderful secret!
    I agree with all of the previous commenters.

    I have always believed that you 2 have a love that is too strong to be denied, but like many, many couples, you have some real issues that need to worked on. Maybe for a long time. BUT I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!

    If you need professional help to guide you---please get it. It is SO worth it!

    My love and big hugs and best wishes to both of you!!!!!!!!