Sordid Lives

It's Wednesday again and tonight it's Sordid Lives night every Wednesday I do my Sordid Lives the Series post. I was wondering how many of my readers has watched the show? I'm telling you it well worth your time. Del Shores has out done himself with this show. Del has work on many things in just to name a few he did some writing on season 3 of Queer as Folk also has worked on Dharma & Greg, Touch by an Angel as well as movies all kind of things he had a dream and he followed it go read his myspace and it will tell lots more. Also for me don't forget 2 write 2 logo and tell them we want Sordid Lives for a 2nd season please do it!

Del Shores Myspace

Write Logo click here

Well as for me I am working like crazy but the pay out will be worth it. I don't have any news on anything still working out details and plans for us but as soon as we get them all worked out I will be sure 2 let ya'll know. Dad is coming down this weekend he want's 2 do some fishing so I guess I'll be spending some time with him. I know but it's like we get along but we have nothing in common. He has always supported me but I know deep down inside he wishes I was str8. He does try but we normally end up fighting about something and it just pisses me off so bad but whatever I'll try 2 deal with and make it a good weekend and go fishing.

I Love this quote...
"sometimes its easier to close a door than open a window"

Well I'm off to work!
Later from Florida!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    No Logo on my Cable network. I used to have HBO and watched Queer As Folk it was great and I fell in love with Justin. I can't afford it now and I miss Will & Grace. At least your parents didn't tell you that they wished they had known the child was Gay so they could have gotten rid of it. Enjoy the time with your Dad, Ryry, You'll be glad you did someday. ed

  2. Laurie Says:

    Record it for me!!!! PLEASE!!!!

    Hey, your dad doesn't wish you were
    str8! He wishes you would keep the
    electric bill in check.

    Hope to talk to you soon!!!

    LOVES YA!!!

  3. Lewis Says:

    it's funny you posted about this...because we had a straight buddy over to watch the movie last night. As for Touched by an was one of my all-time favorites. I'll be in Orlando on Sunday.

  4. I LOVE the series. Apparently, they are going to release a soundtrack with Olivia Newton-John's new songs on it. That will be awesome! :)

  5. The Flaming Nose TV Blog Says:

    Glad to see another fan of this terrific series! We Love It!