While I don't expect to have children, there are tiddly peeps out there that I do care for and look forward to being part of their lives, in particular my baby niece who is the most adorable bundle of love I've ever seen. I have friends who I hope one day have children because I would love to be involved in helping them raise the tiny things. I'm not particularly broody but I do think I would love to be able to sing to the small things to help soothe them - in fact, scratch that - I would love to be able to sing Dylan's "Forever Young" to them. Everytime I hear that song I think that's what I would love to sing to you.

"May God bless and keep you happy, may your wishes always come true;
May you always do for others and let others do for you... "
4 Responses
  1. jimm Says:

    awe... i like to read Dr Suess books to em.

  2. calvin Says:

    I'm also looking forward to reading to them! I've already bought my neice the complete Mr Men & Little Miss. :-)

  3. Laurie Says:

    Hey Calvin,
    I know what ya mean! I love to
    be around my little niece and my


  4. Children... they change your life but I have to say i'm glad I have mine :)