Fully clothed Thursday :-(

Sadly the manwife stole his camera away before I could snap an appropriate HNT pic so please forgive me! I promise to rectify this shocking state of affairs within a couple of weeks. Scouts honour.

Yesterday marked my final day at work so the evening turned into the intoxicating bender of doom complete with rambling rants about the recent Lisbon vote and the state of Georgia. Sadly the cold light of day has shown that last night's chewing the fat and putting the world right have had no discernable effect whatsoever. Ho hum. One of the issues we touched on was the entrenched homophobia in Northern Ireland, vis Iris Robinson, and the recent death of a young gay man in Liverpool. Both incidents serve to remind us that however far we think we've come on the road to acceptance that we're still a long way from our goal. The excellent www.towleroad.com has followed both of these issues if anyone's interested.
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  1. Laurie Says:

    SO, will next weeks HNT be the
    bottom half ;) I know I'm a bad


  2. "We have come so far, but we got so far to go." Had to post a lyric from Hairspray. We gotta hang in there, kid. Looking forward to next week's HNT. ;)