Getting Ready

Glad my Dad is here and he's gonna stay until after the storm passes!

Later from Florida! While it's still here!!
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  1. Laurie Says:

    Ditto Sweetie :) Don't worry about


  2. Polt Says:

    wow...I'd think you' rather go back to Atlanta with him rather than he stay there...but regardless, good luck to all of you.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Batten down the hatches! I didn't hear nothing about this one. Be careful Ryry and tell your Dad hey for me. On another topic: When is the last time Matt Kenseth won a race? Damn, I'm thinking of changing my allegiance to somebody else. (He is so very cute though) ed

  4. jimm Says:

    Looks like a buzz-saw coming right up the west coast Fla. Going to a shelter or riding it out at home?

  5. Says:

    Watch out for any low flying alligators.

  6. elise Says:

    Stay safe!

  7. Stay safe, buddy.

  8. I am glad your Dad is there, storms are scary!