Waiting on Fay / Underwear Question

I am sitting here waiting on Mikey 2 call and waiting on Tropical Storm/Hurricane Fay 2 decide what the hell she gonna do. Dad is out buying wood and supplies and shit. I would have went with him but for those that don't know we spend more than a day together we have issues. Well last night we had them haha he said my Mom spoiled me and he also said why u have 2 be so much like your Mother! haha whatever Pops deal with it. If Mom was here we would be out buying shoes not wood. Anyway while I am waiting I was wonder what kind of underwear do you like 2 see men in? Here is a few types you can buy these at MenUnderwearStore.com I have got many of my under from them and they are great people 2 deal with and they got good prices.
So tell us what kind of underwear you wear if your a man and if your a womwen what do you like 2 see mena in?

Later from Hurricane Watch Area in Florda!
10 Responses
  1. Laurie Says:

    You know what I like :D
    For you to keep yours on!


    You know I loves ya!!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I like to wear Boxer Briefs they are so comfortable. I like to see other men in Jock strap types like your middle picture, rowwwwl!
    Your Dad is out buying wood and you say your Mom would be out buying shoes. Neither one would help during a Hurricane but at least she'd be stylin'. ed

  3. I like tighty whities on my Man :)

    That bitch Fay can take a hike, she's trying to rain on my parade this coming week-end!

  4. I like the first image the best. I don't like men wearing them...does that count?

  5. gomad.ch Says:

    I like to peal my man out of tight briefs.

  6. Carl Says:


    My father and I had issues when I was growing up. Now when I visit him, I never argue because I live far away and I never know what is going to happen. I don't want my last visit or words to be hurtful.

    I tear up everytime I here Mike and the Mechanics, The Living Years.

    Stay safe.

  7. jimm Says:

    you mean ur dad's buying lumber? Like sheets of plywood to cover windows and repair roofs with? After the storm there won't be any lumber. Sold out. That's a smart dad, dude.

  8. Lewis Says:

    Oh yeah, the storm was all new big news when I was in Orlando yesterday. As for the panties, I have a nice selection...but rarely wear them...big commando dude here.

  9. Chicka Says:

    I like my men in boxer briefs...well for a little while anyway. LOL!

  10. Polt Says:

    i dont know what style I like best..perhaps I could make up my mind if I saw ryan modeling the options....:)