Ugh back home and back 2 work I have been up since 4 my first client was at 5. I have a short break before the next one so I thought I would post something. I had an awesome weekend got 2 be with Mikey so why wouldn't it be good! He will be down here again soon and we are still working on plans and details on what were gonna do I'll let ya'll in on it as soon as we get it all worked out. Seeing my fiend this weekend was also good he has some news coming out soon and some will be a little shocked I bet and maybe I'll be able then 2 talk more public about him without pissing people off. So what did ya'll do over the weekend? Oh what did ya'll think about Obama pick for vp? I wasn't happy about it and if I am honest I am more confused now than I was before so if anybody got anything on this I would love 2 hear about it. Well I better get off here for now get ready for my next client I'll have more later I'll try 2 post more later today.

Peace & Love from Florida!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Biden has worked for change but Washington hasn't changed him. His wife was killed in a car wreck and as a devout Catholic he had a hard time coming to terms with her death. He often speaks his mind and was the voice of reason when the Republicans tried to impeach President Clinton. He wasn't my first choice either but I think he will give as good as he gets and at least he remembers how many homes he has. ed

  2. Anonymous Says:

    We've just got to get over it and move on lest we want eight more years of McBush...

  3. sillyboi Says:

    Touchy subject to me. As a Liberal Democrat, a swing voter if you wanna call me that. I think the decision was well not great and not bad. The Thing I have against the VP pick is the fact that he was so critical of Obama and that plays right into the Republican's hands. Not too mention he is good friends with McCain and just something bout it just strikes me as being odd. I was watching Larry King the other night and all of these callers who were going to vote of Obama (50-70) said that they too were confused with his VP pick and and they said they were going to not vote because they dont like Biden. Well You know I have been trying to get as much information about the man and its rather difficult to find much truth behind his words to be honest. Like all politicians, they lie,cheat and steal to get their way into office one way or another. Anyway Its a touchy subject to me and one I have yet to decide if I am going to go vote this year. I dont like the Pres candiate and and I deffianately dont like the VP. So I am at a cross winds of what to do. Maybe just find a way to turn back time and get every vote counted in FL would do the trick. LOL.. Anyway I think I have rambled on enough about pilitics.

    I am glad you had a wonderful time Ry. Glad to hear that. I worked yesterday and I gotta go to work here in a few and pick my check up at some point today. Anyway I am glad you had a good time up there in Bristol. I will talk to you later..

  4. Laurie Says:

    So glad you're home safe. You know
    how this weekend went. UGH!!!!
    Why can you boys be so difficult

    I don't know how Josh did on his
    first day of H.S. But, I'll soon
    find out.


  5. Tim Says:

    ugh not a good choice I think. I would have picked someone that had some executive experience. I'm sure there were multiple reason for it though. Personally I'm more interested in McCain's vp choice. I think Biden will make verbal blunders hurt the cross party vote.

  6. Polt Says:

    Oh I'm all for Biden as VP. he's the one I wanted Obama to pick for weeks.

    Biden brings decades of foreign policy experience to the ticket. He has no problem speaking his mind so he wont be a yes man once they're in the White House. And, in the campaign, Biden can, and will, be an attack dog, ripping apart the flimsy tissue that IS the McCain campaign.

    Can't wait for them to let him loose!


  7. jimm Says:

    Biden is an excellent choice. He has the experience Obama lacks, and very good 'common sense' on the issues.

  8. Hey I texted you Saturday night with no response :( Hurt my feelings! :P