Away I go

Later today I am flying out of Tampa heading to Knoxville 2 meet Mikey. Then we are driving 2 Bristol for the weekend. My buddy is letting us stay with him coz its normally crowded in Bristol besides Mikey hasn't seen him in a while and they hit it off good. Mikey also wants 2 meet the new driver the kid we both think he is like way cute. I wouldn't be looking for any new post from until Monday maybe Calvin will throw something up. I know my life is kinda been boring lately but sometimes I like boring but stick around u know it won't last I always have my ass into something well check back Monday maybe Tuesday I'll have some Bristol pics. If you haven't check out my myspace you should I have a little of the same and a little different stuff on there with more pics come by check it out and click add if you want me as a friend!

Later from Florida heading to Tennessee!
3 Responses
  1. Laurie Says:

    Give your sexy man some love from
    me ;D. j/k!
    Y'all be safe and have a blast!
    Take TONS of pics because my wall
    at work is nekkid :(



  2. Knoxville!? You're going right by me! I was born in Bristol, too. Enjoy the race! :)

  3. Have fun - I LOVE Bristol! I used to live about 30 mins from there for a very short while.
    Good luck to your friend :)