I'm not dead

Sorry for the prolonged absense, but I've been moving houses (and countries) so all my interweb access suddenly evaporated. I'd have updated during the move but every wireless network I try to connect to doesn't want me. Poor little ol' me :-(

So, I'm now in Reading which isn't perhaps as exciting as Dublin but it's nonetheless nice to be back in the UK near my friends and family again. The manwife only lives a couple of hours away so, while we are no longer living together, we'll still be seeing lots of each other. He helped me move in over the weekend so we had a fun couple of days picking out sheets, saucepans, etc for my new place. As it was Reading festival this particular weekend the town centre was a-wash with wellington boot wearing, mud-splattered indie twinks - which was nice! After the manwife left on Monday I had a bit of a tearful evening and Tuesday wasn't much fun either but hey-ho...nevermind. My stuff was delivered today so I've been busying myself unpacking and getting myself back on line - *waves*

I'm off to a wedding this weekend so who knows? maybe I'll have some exciting besuited photos for next week..?! Amusingly this does mean that I'll be missing the local (Thames Valley) Pride event this year in favour of going to a straight wedding - oh when will this oppression end?! Actually, for one reason or another I've managed to miss every Pride for the last four years so another one isn't really going to make much difference. Next year!


No the manwife and I haven't broken up, we're still very much a couple and in love. I was only tearful on Monday evening after he left because I really enjoy living with him and his departure signalled an end to that for the foreseeable future. We've been living together on and off for the past seven years and everytime we have to stop it gets me down for a while. But be of good cheer, I shall bounce back soon. I'll be seeing him on Friday so it'll all be good!
3 Responses
  1. Tim Says:

    So you and hubbie broke up?

  2. Laurie Says:

    Yeah! You're back! Glad all is


  3. Glad all is well, relationships are hard sometimes eh?