The Living Years

Well I made it thru Fay honest it wasn't that bad in my area it was worse on the other coast. Only thing is Fay is like the storm that won't go away she just keeps coming back and back. We got some wind and very little rain but other than that is was nothing really. I am still glad my Dad was here I was a little worried and even tho we don't always get along I felt safe with him. I felt like a little boy again being picked on by a bully from school and he was here 2 protect me like he always is. I love my Dad very much and he knows that and I also think he knows I am trying 2 grow up and it's his job 2 keep pushing me but I also know if I need him he would be there for me in a second. Carl sent me an email and like Carl always does he kinda gets in my head and knows what I am thinking and when I can't find the right words he has them. He sent me the lyrics 2 a song and I loved them I found the video on you tube so I had 2 post it. Please take the time 2 watch this video you won't be sorry. I have never heard of the band or the song but they both are great.

Feeling Safe & Loved in Florida!

Sordid Lives is on tonight on Logo at 10pm don't miss it!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I couldn't get the Video to come up on my old dial-up system. I can only imagine a band you never heard of. I'll die if I find out it's the Beatles.
    So glad you can have your dad there and be there for each other.
    Fay is supposed to go out in the Atlantic and get stronger than double back across northern Florida. Be safe, worthless ed

  2. Glad you are okay and I couldn't see the vid either.
    Yay for Dad's who make us feel safe. I am Daddy's Girl and he still makes me feel safe and loved at my age!

  3. Laurie Says:

    My wish came true. I wanted you
    to be safe from that storm.
    That's Mike and the Mechanics
    It is truely a great song.

    Sorry I wasn't there this morning
    I had a work meeting and it took
    2 hours to tell us we were getting
    a 3% raise and that we make a
    difference in a childs life.

    They could have just written it
    in an e-mail.

    I loves you so much kiddo!!


  4. Martin Says:

    Fay must like Florida, that's why she's hanging around. :)

    My Firefox browser has been playing 2 seconds of a video & stopping unless I close & restart Firefox. Then it works. Just started doing that the past 2 days, not sure why.

    And Ed, stop calling yourself worthless! :)

  5. Naked Boy Says:

    I hid in the closet. I didn't like Fay. :(

  6. Glad to hear you're okay. :) Sordid Lives was awesome tonight.