During this week, we celebrated eight years together! I knocked off early on Friday so as to get to Lewes earlier than expected and found the manwife and some of his work mates in t'pub where we passed a few hours in friendly conversation and local beer. On Saturday we'd booked a table at Brighton's premier vegetarian restaurant Terre a Terre and spent the day lounging about relaxing and enjoyed spending some quality time together. After a brief meeting with another friend for pre-meal drinks we repaired to our table where we had the most wonderful meal. We shared a mixed tapas starter and bottle of Italian merlot and split bits of our mains so that the manwife could sample more of the menu! :-) Note the vodka spiced tomatoes - they were fabulous and had a real kick - and the aubergine 'caviar' & custard!

We had...
(yes, it does look like a weird tree!) All washed down with a chocolate martini, espresso and a single malt. Lovely.
Afterwards we strolled along the sea front watching the waves break against the stonework before heading back to his place for some high quality sofa based snuggling. Bliss.
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  1. Laurie Says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! 8 years!!!!
    How wonderful :) The food looks