So yeah im pissed off I know ya thinking what can he be pissed at layin in a hospital. Well for starters I was suppose 2 be in Atlanta by now and today I was suppose to be out golfing with my friends for charity. I was suppose to meet a couple new friends this weekend. Oh but no I am layin in a hospital bed with tubes and crap doing nothing but going fucking crazy. I do feel better but I always do after a couple days in here but not good enough for them to let me go. I hate this more than anything in the world. I do want to say thanks for the comments and emails with your support even the mean ones I am starting 2 enjoy more. If all goes well I might get out on Saturday I can only hope. Anyway thanks again for being such good friends.

Later from the 5th floor in the local pital in Florida!
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  1. naturgesetz Says:

    Get well soon. And try to take better care of yourself so this doesn't keep happening.

  2. Tim Says:

    Well this is where a psp or a phone with games comes in handy! Hope you get better soon and can get back to your life and patients.

    Your health is your responsibility, and if your drinking is going to lead to days on end lying in a hospital bed maybe you should find something else to do?

  3. Laurie Says:

    I lubs you Baby Boy!


  4. Carl Says:

    Pissy...Why are you pissy? You knew you were getting sick and you didn't take care of yourself.

    Enough of that. I hope you get better real soon and get home and back to work. At work, you are doing a lot of good for others so get off your ass and get back to it.

    Please take care of yourself and get home soon.


  5. A Lewis Says:

    Thinking of you, big guy. Be good. Be happy.

  6. Oh man, sorry you are feeling blue and had to miss Reed's tournament. I texted you! Hugs honey.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Get well soon my young brother. I've lost too many friends over the past year. A big Gay Obama hug. ed (Go Rays!)

  8. elise Says:

    Feeling pissy and bored are always good signs of recovery progress! Keep goin'!!

    I won't bother repeating what others have said about taking better care of yourself, etc. :-)

    Any cute doctors there?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Ryan...I hope you get better soon...please take care of yourself!