So, I really do think seventeen years is really too long to have to wait for a new Guns 'N Roses record and sadly, I don't think it's really been worth it... oh well. Sorry Axl. If you're reading, which I doubt, I'd still do you (even with the ridiculous corn braids).

No prizes for guessing what I'm listening to at the moment then. I picked the record up on the way home after a manic day at work as a "treat" to myself mostly for nostalgic reasons and so far it seems as though this particular path down memory lane would have been better left untrodden. It's strange how rose (gettit?) tinted our memories become. I remember being bullied something rotten at school and yet my broad brushstroke impression of my school days still fits into that halcyon days of yore image where we all skipped merry along the merry England countryside drinking lashings of ginger beer. Blyton eat your heart out.

Actually, a few tracks in and I'm mellowing to Chinese Democracy. Sadly, not as quickly as the Party obviously but that really would be too much to hope for.

In other news, I'm working up to asking "the question" sometime after Christmas. Watch this space.

Right, back to this bottle o' wine and work.
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  1. Laurie Says:

    I never thought that any of the
    GUNS -N- ROSES guys were cute...
    sorry....I do love their old stuff.
    Don't know if I've heard the new...
    Oh well...

    Glad you're doing good!