Everyman has their breaking point and we finally found his. After three luxurious hours laying in bed snuggling the manwife declared that he had to get up. I tried to tempt him back into bed but he wasn't having it. He got up. And then I got up and followed him through to the living room where I collapsed on the sofa wrapped up in a duvet and promptly continued with my schnooze. Oh well. In my defence, I'm still suffering slightly after the early dental troubles so feel I deserve a few extra hours in bed. Actually, I really do need some sleep as he'd developed a penchant for some rather athletic bumsex and I'm feeling rather worn out...

On the gastro-front we had a really lovely vegetarian curry t'other night. It's the sort of place that partitions its menu into vegetarian and non-vegetarian. I love places that do this because they invariably have a better selection of veggie options. The manwife is veggie, I'm not, and I get really annoyed when places only offer lazy veggie options. The Brighton area is good for vegetarian catering, a fact we only appreciated after moving away, so we tend to eat out as frequently as we can afford to in order to make the most of this. I'm reading Rushdie at the moment so am constantly craving curries (I swear if you edited the discussions of Indian cuisine out of Midnight's Children or Shalimar the Clown they'd only be twenty pages long a piece).

(Picture shamelessly stolen from the rather excellent who occasionally promotes wider reading through the use of buff young men).

Right, to the BatCave! Or, the kitchen. To empty the washing machine. Oh, the glamour!

Hope you're all having a fabulous weekend!
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