Today was going really well until a nerve under one of my wisdom teeth exploded (pulpitus) causing me no small amount of pain. Quite a large dose of anesthetic later and a drilled out nerve later I feel washed out and exhausted but better nonetheless. This evening I shall be taking it easy, listening to old Sherlock Holmes radio plays before retiring early hoping that it doesn't happen again.
5 Responses
  1. gomad.ch Says:

    Well, I've got an appointment tomorrow 8am to get one of those pulled.

  2. Laurie Says:

    OUCH!!!! OH MAN! That sucks....
    I'm so glad I had all mine pulled
    like 20 years ago....


  3. Angel Says:

    holy shit... never heard of a nerve underneath a tooth exploding. I hope you get better man. Get better calvin.


  4. calvin Says:

    I'm feeling much better today, although it still feels as though my jaw has gone ten rounds with a prizefighter armed with a drill. Still, this is a marked improvement on yesterday!

    Thanks for all the kind thoughts xxx

  5. Oh dear, Calvin that sounds quite painful! Get well soon!