I know I have no right 2 bitch or complain about weather but ya know what 2 bad I am. I woke up this morning and its freaken cold out. I know I live in Florida how cold could it be well it's 41 here this morning so that's cold for us here in the Sunshine State. Least I had a cuddle buddy better than waking up alone and cold. Let's see the past weekend we spent it in Homestead Florida for the race as Monday's post talked about. We stayed with Reed yes I can say Reed now and not just my friend since he is moving to a new team next year and they are open minded people over there and he's happy about the move and so am I he will do much better over there. Anyway we stayed in his rv and had a great time it was Kadin's first time and he enjoyed it wait until Daytona Baby! Let's see what else oh Christmas cards if you haven't sent me an email yet better get 2 it I am gonna start sending out cards after Thanksgiving wow can you believe that next week is turkey day already are you ready? I think if Kadin can get it off were going up home that's Georgia for those that don't know if not were gonna stay here. I know Mom anit gonna like that. Any of you gonna be traveling home? Oh a few things real quick Mikey has a new post up please check it out were still friends and always will be. Also check out One Love blog today I got a post up there I need your thoughts on.

I love this quote..................
It's better to be hated for who you are Than loved for someone you're not.

Later from a cold Tampa Bay!
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  1. Says:

    If I'm not far too slow at such things, I would offer to knit you a sweater.

  2. You know I want a card but you have my addy! Ha Haaaa I am laughing at it being cold in FLA and my ##ckhead boss if there!
    NOT laughing at you though my sweet baby bro and glad you have a snuggle buddy!
    I am super excited about Reed going to Evernham next year! I hope hope hope you get to come to Darlington!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I saw on the weather that a cold front went all the way down to just north of Miami and I thought of you freezing and having to hold onto Kadin to keep warm. Then I didn't feel so bad for ya!
    I hope Reed has bettr luck with the team and wins the Daytona wouldn't that be super? I'm going over to Mikey's blog now it is about time he got his ass in gear. love hugs, ed

  4. Anonymous Says:

    It was in the 20s this morning in Atlanta so if you headed back to GA best bring a big coat and your man.

  5. jimm Says:

    20's with 6" of snow in ny. keep ur boys warm!

  6. Angel Says:

    Rv's are fun, and so are cuddle buddies heh. Yeah this morning was a bitch, even right now my hands are freezing. Stay warm and bundled up Ryan. I'd like to receive a christmas card ^_^. You have my email address. If you send me one, ill send u one. Stay warm chickadee!

    Love n Peace,

  7. I am so jealous that you have cold weather. Where I live it is still 80 degrees and I am so sick of it. I am a snowboarder and I just want snow to come to the surrounding area's so I can go snowboarding. How are you doing? Hit me back up!!