and the winner is......

Ryan Fields he got them all right and the bonos question!!!

Congrats Ryan now pic your gift.

Later from Tampa Bay!
3 Responses
  1. naturgesetz Says:


    When I saw the lines, I was afraid nobody would have all the answers.

    I should have known *somebody* could do it.


  2. naturgesetz Says:

    BTW, the only prize I'm really familiar with is "Latter Days," but it's a good one — saw it on YouTube — so I'd suggest you choose that.

  3. ryan field Says:

    I can't believe I actually won. I wasn't totally sure about the Cher one, but I guess I got it right.

    I love quotes...Thanks this was a fun contest.

    And before I choose any of the prizes I'd like to run this by you. This year a group of friends and me decided that instead of buying each other Xmas gifts we were going to donate something to some type of charity...not a lot of money...just whatever we could afford. So I'd really like it if you'd do that instead of sending me a prize...if that's okay with you. Five bucks to your local animal shelter would really be a great prize (I love animals). Kind of like paying it forward.

    I'll e-mail you now.