Christmas Lights

With my parents coming in this weekend I thought I better get my ass moving and do some Christmas stuff to the house didn't want them to think I was being an Ebenezer. So we hit the stores a running me and Kadin decided we wanted a rainbow tree so that's what we did. We did some outside lights most of them are blue but its coz I like blue. I didn't go all out like some of my neighbors they are just really gay haha they know I love them. I just wanted my Dad 2 see I can live on my own and can do Christmas lights and all the holiday stuff. So now it's your turn get them cameras out and take some pics of your tree and Christmas stuff and post it on your blog or email them 2 me I want 2 see what you got up. If you blog it let me know so I can come by and check it out!
The Gay Tree!
The Gay Tree all lighted up.
Close up of the Gay Tree.
Santa has no hate he loves all children gay ot str8.
Love this plays music as they slide and skate.
Florida weather all the way up to Christmas Eve.
Outside Lights.
Adifferent view.
Later from Florida
10 Responses
  1. Love it!!!! That is a very exceptional tree. I'm so proud of you and Kaden!

    I already posted my Christmas pics... nascar santa and all!

  2. naturgesetz Says:

    Nice job of decorating. I'm sure the folks will be impressed.

  3. Polt Says:

    Oh those temps are horrible for the week before Christmas! Being from up north, it needs to be in the 30's or 40's with a chance of snow for it to really be Christmas! :)

    Nice tree though.


  4. Carl Says:

    I don't decorate at all. Too many bad memories. I am slowly trying to forget them though. Maybe next year.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Ryry, you and Kadin did a great job of decorating but you need some snow. The only decoration I usally do is a three candle light in the window. But it is electric and my Utility bill is way too high this year even though the house is kept at 62 degrees and I wrap up in a blanket to watch TV. Everything is covered in ice here and another ice storm is heading my way. I hate Winter. ed

  6. A Lewis Says:

    GAY?? You're gay??? I had no idea.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Nice looking tree, and I adore the gay Santa.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Nice setting...tree looks great! But like Polt said...chance of snow would be Redd

  9. Laurie Says:

    Love the decorations!!! You can
    come put mine up now....Mine are
    also blue...Leslie just didn't want
    to get up on the roof...I don't
    blame him because there is no
    tellin when you'll fall through...

    Eric has been showing off the gift
    you got him...Bragging about who
    gave it to him...You made his day..
    I went to the post office and
    mailed out the gift from him to
    you....Along with the Christmas
    cards :) Did half of them this
    morning....Yes, yours is in there
    you should know that..

    It's gonna be about that same
    temp here tomorrow..Or so they
    say...THEN it's gonna get colder
    this weekend...And ya wonder why
    we keep gettin sick UGH!!!


  10. jimm Says:

    i was enjoying this until i saw the weather forecast. grrr...

    I can imagine Santa checking his 'Naughty' list:

    Ryan&Kadin - (eyeballs popping their sockets) they did THAT????? Hohoho!!!