Do do do do! It's the final countdown!

Woo! Term is nearly over. School is nearly out! So far this week I've been lecturing wearing a red Santa hat, I had wanted to find a green one but it seems nobody makes them anymore. Grrr, curse you Cola! I'm looking forward to a few days hard earned rest and then frantic panic buying Christmas pressies. We'll be having Christmas at my parents this year and it'll be the first time that the bf has joined us (it's my first out Christmas). More excitingly it's also baby's first Christmas! My sister's coming down and bringing her incredicute daughter so we're all really looking for it. Yay for baby! The little tyke is crawling so the bf and I are descending on the house a few days before my sister arrives in order to childproof it.

Sadly, to compensate for all this harmony another part of my extended family won't be joining us because of a tiff they're having. Grrr, why can't people sort these things out - it's baby's first Christmas for fuck's sake. A baby! In case you hadn't picked up on it, I'm a very happy uncle.
Soon, it'll be time to think about what resolutions I'm going to break next year. Having been a non-smoker for some years now I think I'll commit to trying to give up again. More seriously, I'll probably try and exercise more. I've been meaning to try out the pool near my flat for a few months now but not gotten around to it. And maybe, who knows, when the weather improves, I might even invest in a bike... Buns of steel here I come!

2 Responses
  1. Laurie Says:

    Calvin....You are just way to
    cute! That baby will be spoiled
    with you around :) She's a very
    lucky girl to have you as an Uncle.


  2. I love how your such an enchanted uncle!!!

    I'll take him under my tree~!