We Must Never Forget

Everyone knows I am a history nut that was my best class in school Today is Pearl Harbor Day. This day we can never forget either Take time today if only for a second to think about what happen that day and those who died on that day!

You can find out more on Pearl Harbor here National Geographic Pearl Harbor.
Later from Florida!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    It was on a Sunday morning when the Mitsubishi made Zeros attacked. It was a shock for the American people to think we could be so vulnerable. I have a post card of the U.S.S. Arizona shown in your picture under water. The caption under it states: A part of the Atlantic fleet. It was ironic that FDR had ordered all ships in the atlantic to go to Pearl Harbor where they'd be safe from the Germans. ed

  2. A Lewis Says:

    Hey Ry, have you been there? It is so cool...and amazing. Thanks for the reminder. PLUS, THANK YOU FOR THE CARD and planner. You are such a thoughtful friend. Love and hugs.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks Ryan...good reminder.

  4. My Aunt Tink was born on this very day. No way to ever forget her birthday!