Last Post for 2008

So do any of you have any New Years Resolution? If you do you ever keep them? I have a few a I decided I would have 5 and try to keep at least 3 of them if not all but I'll see how it goes.

1. Stay healthy so I stay out of the hospital.
2. Eat more haha I know most people say diet but I think food is so overrated guess that's why I am down to 125 pds. Laurie be nice!
3. Control the drinking thing.
4. Start wearing clothes more.
5. Just be a better person to others.

Later from Tampa Bay see ya back here in 2009!
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  1. Laurie Says:

    RYAN!!! I will use your full name
    if I have to!!!! YOU BETTER EAT
    RIGHT!!! Drinking isn't good for
    your blood sugar! OH YEAH! I'M
    The LAST thing I need is for you
    to be sick....I am being nice boy!
    Don't roll your eyes at me...None
    of that 'But mom' stuff...HELLO!
    Do you not see that you are the
    ONLY Ryan I have and I don't
    wanna see you sick.... :(

    If I didn't love you I wouldn't
    say anything....But tough shit...
    I LOVE YOU! You're my Baby Boy...
    Who isn't a baby anymore :(
    I just wish you would put your
    health first...

    I LOVE YOU!!!!

  2. A Lewis Says:

    So, if Laurie is going to go all "Mom on your ass," I'm gonna go DADDY ON YOUR ASS...or BIG BRO!! Keep your clothes off like a good boy, but screw the drinking and bad eating.....we simply cannot afford it! Hope it's the healthiest new year ever.
    Your Big Bro

  3. Says:

    I join the club by being MATE ON YOUR ASS! Stick to your list and it will be an amazing 2009.

  4. Honey I don't think i'll EVER had to make a resolution to eat MORE!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I have the same problem with my Dad. He is down to 132 Lbs. He is on Dialysis and has to watch what he eats but he don't want to eat anything. Life is a battlefield. ed

  6. Angel Says:

    happy new year ryan!

    kisses right back atcha,


  7. jimm Says:

    Number 4 has me confused???!!!

    and jus how do you cloth 125 pounds??? wouldnt a handkerchief do???

    my resolution? make some friends.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Now Ry...most everything makes sense except the clothes

  9. naturgesetz Says:

    By all means stay healthy. Eating food is probably an important part of it. lol

    Wearing clothes? You mean that you like to be without them? See
    and its discussion forum

  10. naturgesetz Says:

    BTW, if you go to Cat's Chat, don't mention that I'm gay. I'm not out over there.

  11. ryan field Says:

    I've never been a big eater either. I'm really picky about food too, which makes it even harder to eat when I hate most things that aren't made with chocolate.

    Good resolutions you wrote. But I'm gonna try to wear less clothes whenever possible :)

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!

  12. You go Ryan! Happy New Year Babe!

  13. Polt Says:

    All good resolutions...although if I looked like you, I'd just skip 4 in its entirety. :)


  14. naturgesetz Says:

    Another BTW:

    I'm 5'10" and all through college I weighed 120 lb. When I was about 27, I noticed my weight begin to go up, and now I'm about 183. I don't think it was because of changes in my diet. I think it was just that my metabolism slowed down.

    My point is, by all means eat good food to stay healthy, but don't overdo it just for the sake of adding weight. If your metabolism slows down, you don't want to be locked in a pattern of excessive consumption.

  15. elise Says:

    ok, I'll chime in here, too. Please, please pay more attention to your health--proper food, less drinking, take your meds, etc---all the stuff your real and surrogate moms yell at you about!!!

    And why do you need to wear more clothes? Don't they just get in the way....;-)

  16. Martin Says:

    Like the other comments, I agree with all your resolutions, except #4. :)
    If you stay healthy, and drink less, I don't think 125 is too low a weight. From the age of 18 to just about 5-6 years ago, I only weighed 125. Now I weigh only about 135-138 at the ripe old age of 53 (ha). That's probably due to a slower metabolism and the fact that I love "junk food". (mmmm...cake)