Ok I have been in a pissey mood since Sunday so we went out Sunday night that didn't help. Yesterday at work all day people kept asking me what's wrong? I keep telling them nothing I'm fine really I was lying but sometimes people just can't help with the way your feeling. So after work last night a coworker ask you wanna go for a drink you look like you could use one. I am like hell one they better leave the bottle! So here I am at work sick and still feeling this way maybe tonight there will be a few more drinks! Moods I fucking hate em!

Later from Florida!

Love this song kinda describes how I feel. It's by Lifehouse
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  1. Laurie Says:

    You and I really need to talk....
    I know this is something that I
    can help you with better than
    any sort of drink....Also, I don't
    leave you feelin like s#*t the
    next day....You need to talk this
    out not drink it away....

    I'm here and you know it...

    I worry about you and I love you
    very much....


  2. Says:

    Whatever it is Ryan, please don't drink if you're in a bad mood. Go for a swim or listen to the right music. Everything stronger than water makes it only worse.

  3. naturgesetz Says:


    Laurie and are right. If you want a drink, that's fine, but it won't help with what's making you feel bad.

    Hope you'll get it sorted out soon.


  4. naturgesetz Says:

    BTW, how do I get Elvis to stop singing so I can listen to the song in this post?

    And as long as I'm back, do you know what happened on Sunday to put you in this bad mood? Care to tell us?

  5. A Lewis Says:

    And there's nothing I hate worse than someone asking me, "Is everything okay" or "What's wrong?". That REALLY makes me mad.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I'm sure you see folks who are a lot worse off than you every day. But just because you have it good on the outside doesn't help you fight the war inside. I know I've been there several times in my life. That is why I sold all of my guns because I was getting too well acquainted to my .358 Magnum. It actually felt good to have it pressed aginst my head and it seemed like an easy way out. Drinking yourself into a stupor isn't going to help either. Only time and friends can help, Ryry. Let me be a friend I want to help like you have helped me. XOXOXO ed

  7. I hate moods too!!! I hope yours improves! Just remember alcohol IS a depressant so watch it!

    Yes I really hope we can see each other in May! *fingers crossed*

  8. I can see what Laurie said and she is right...Drinking is not the way to feeling better, my dear Ryan....She sounds like a great friend who realluy cares and someone who not only can help, but wants to....! In my long and vast experience from the ancient 'perch' where I sit now, all drinking does is to numb one, but it doesn't solve any problems, ever....And, in the long run, creates more problems....Maybe you should take advantage of Laurie's dear offer....Talking things out is a better solution---even if it entails tears...Tears Are Good, believe me....!

    I thank you, dear Ryan, for your words about my blog....I am so very happy that you are enjoying it....AND,
    I wish you the HAPPIEST, HEALTHIEST 2009 possible.....I hope it is a Joyous and Wonderfully Creative Year for you, dear Ryan! Feel Better & Better, my dear.

  9. Tim Says:

    well at least your blogging instead of stewing. Deal with what's bringing you down and try to have a good new years eve. Stay safe and best wishes for the new year.

  10. jimm Says:

    Note to self, New Years resolution: replace some of my bad habits with good ones.

    Could it be from all the holiday company? I get really stressed out from trying so hard to hear all the conversations, when actually that is an impossible task for me.

    Then i need a few days to decompress.

    Happy Hangover or New Year, whichever comes first!!!

  11. Awww...Ryan...hang in there, buddy. :)