Ok this is how it is this is my life when I was 16 I decided to blog some of you have been there since day one others have been readers for many years and I love each of you very much for being a part of my life. Christmas time when I wanted to do the Christmas cards all of you jump in and did it I got over 40 Christmas cards and that was awesome. The thing is now is this is my life 2 screw up and learn I don't mind people coming on here giving me shit calling me out or whatever coz I know they have no life and 2 trash mine makes them feel good. But when you trash my family or Mikey then I have a problem you can pick on me all you want but there is no fucking way I will let you trash them. What I do with my life is my business and I shared it with the blogging world for me and maybe help someone else along away. Now it's not fun anymore shame it takes a few assholes 2 make it not fun anymore now I'm not saying this is it and I'm not saying I'm not gonna blog anymore but I am taking a break I talked 2 Mikey and I wouldn't be surprised if he takes the same road. For the friends out there that want to know what I am up 2 you can send me emails and I will keep u up 2 date other than that I'm taking a vacation from all this bullshit. Many thanks to all that are good people and have supportive me and those who hate and leave the nasty comments yeah 2 words for ya FUCK OFF!

Later from Florida!
Much Later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. naturgesetz Says:

    Ryan —

    As you know I'm new to your blog. Just started blogging a few months ago. But you also know over this short time I've come to love and care about you.

    I'm sorry some hateful people have decided to make trouble for you here, because I probably won't e-mail you for updates as often as I might hope. You can always reach me via my blog, if you have anything you want to say to me.

    As you say, it's your life, and you can make your ownmistakes. I don't know you well enough to know what mistakes you are talking about. But whatever they are, please try to learn from them and not keep repeating them.

    I hope to see you back here before too long. Meanwhile, take good care of yourself.


  2. BigBoyMark Says:

    Ryan your bigger than this. Why would you allow your loyal readers too suffer on the hands of a couple assholes.

    Now if you really need a break and its not the results of these few posters, then I will side with you.

    Maybe rethink your position, or at least give us readers a "REAL" reason as to your getaway. Just remember that you cannot let a few people or comments effect the outcome to the commitment of the blog life you have created and devoted time too.

    Many Hugs!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    OMG Ryry I'm so sorry that some of us are such assholes. I hope you'll keep in touch and that when I feel like my life has hit another brick wall that I can contact you but if not then have a good life and though I'll miss the Hell out of you I'll always be grateful because you've done more for me than I deserve or you'll ever know. Stay sweet, old man ed.

  4. Laurie Says:

    I wish I was there right now to
    give you a BIG ASS TACKLE YOU HUG!

    I love you Baby Boy and I'm so
    proud of you for being you....
    It is your life but you also have
    to remember that if I can help
    stop you from making a mistake I
    will try my damnedest....

    No matter what you say no matter
    what you do I will love you my
    child FOREVER!!!!!!!!!

    MY MIKEY!!!

    I love you!!!!

  5. Tim Says:

    turn commenting off!

  6. ryan field Says:

    Sorry to hear this. I'll keep up with e-mails.

    All my support, Ryan

  7. Martin Says:

    Don't let a few clowns get to you, Ryan. You know they just like to make hateful comments 'cause they're jealous of you. They only wish they could be as open and honest as you are and have so many friends who want to read about what you're up to.

    Take a break and let the jerks find some other way to occupy their time. Your loyal readers will be here for you when you return.

  8. Brad Says:

    I'm sorry you feel that way, Ryan. I've been reading for a long time and look forward to your posts. I know you and Mikey went through all of this shat before, so, I just wouldn't worry about the haters. There's more love out there for you than hate. Take care.

  9. Angel Says:

    That sucks but you gotta do what you gotta do. Maybe this will be a good break. You've got my email ryan, you can always message me on yahoo. Im here for you if ya need me.

    Stay Safe and I can't wait for your return.

    Love n Peace,

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Enjoy the time off from blogging. Though it bothers me that you would let people stop you from blogging I understand that completely. Privacy is greatly under valued. What matters most is real life and not words on a screen so keep enjoying your life as you see fit. Hope all stays well for you. :)