A Night Out

Ok so last night we decided to go out so got all dolled up and away we went. For those that have never been 2 Ybor City is's kinda like New Orleans all kinds of clubs and restaurants they have the str8 part and they have the gay part that we call Gaybor. Anywho they have all kinds of clubs and you can find what u like there that's for sure we try 2 hit them all kinda spread it around well last night while we were making rounds I could swear I felt someone watching me u ever get that feeling? I noticed a couple guys that kinda gave me the creeps I didn't know them at a few places someone sent us drinks and when they waiter tried 2 point them out they were gone. Maybe its all in my head I had more than my fair share of the drinks and my ass is felling it this morning hangovers always fun not. If you have notice I have had a few shitty comments and also right down hateful ones them I deleted only coz of the hate. The others I left up coz i I totally believe in freedom of speech as long as it's not hate. Yes I have a second job I rather not talk about it right now it's my business and when I feel right about it I will talk about ya'll know me I talk about everything. Anyway have a good weekend I have an idea in my head maybe doing something with all of you just need 2 work out the details in my head maybe next week I'll have it worked out and will post about it.Later from Tampa Bay!
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  1. Carl Says:


    Just enjoy life. You never know when something bad will happen. Live life to the fullest and never have to say "What if".

  2. A Lewis Says:

    Did I ever tell you that I had lunch with my mom in Ybor City many many years ago.

  3. naturgesetz Says:

    Can't wait to hear what you're planning.

    That's funny about the drinks.

    Have a good weekend. Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

  4. Tim Says:

    Yeah I stopped there when I was in Tampa last year, at at that sushi place on the second level. was really good. I had a few drinks around, I didn't realize there was a whole gay section. maybe I'll go back this year if business is good.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Ryan..you have a good weekend too!

  6. Anonymous Says:
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  7. I am fascinated with the name YBOR....Where did that come from?? It is not the prettiest of names, is it? Anyway....I love your name for it...Gaybor...lol!
    I hadn't seen any bad comments---I will have to go back and take a look....!
    "This above all to thine ownself be true, And it must follow--as the night, the day--thou canst not then be false to any man..."....SHAKESPEARE..."HAMLET"
    These are words to live by dear Ryan....then, no matter what happens you know YOU have been true to you....!

  8. Yes enjoy life but watch who is sending you drinks, keep your guard up when out or make sure someone you totally trust has your back! Hugs sweetheart!

  9. Laurie Says:

    Honey...What is going on...I feel
    like i'm lossing you...

    I love you very much and wish that
    you would talk to me....

    I love you Baby Boy...


  10. Anonymous Says:

    Definitely be suspicious of anyone sending you drinks. Otherwise have fun and stay safe out there.

  11. Angel Says:

    Didn't know you had a second job. In any case enjoy yourself ryan and stay safe.

    Love n peace,

  12. elise Says:

    Hey Cowboy Troy---Please have enough respect for Ryan to let HIM discuss his 2nd job, if and when he wants to.


  13. First off, Cowboy Troy is a stalker.
    Fuck HIS freedom of speech - delete his BS he just loves the attention he gets from YOUR fans cuz he ain't got any.

    Now, I'm not telling you what to do, but whatever you are doin for a second job is nothing you should be ashamed of. GoGo boy? Stipper? Heck you're HOT ... wish I had something to show off! Hustler? Call boy? big f%$!%^$g deal. We'd all just be concerned you were bein' safe.

    I don't tell many people I write for the Porn industry or that I build porn websites because yes there are people who'd make a big deal of it and possibly scare clients away. But if I think it might tip the scales in my favor I will blab away ... but all my friends know, family, even many clients ...

    Anyhow, it is your life to choose what to do and not do ... we may naysay something but mostly because we care and don't want to see our friends get hurt.

    And Mom ... you aren't "losing" your son. You're gaining a man. He has to live life, make his mistakes, get bruised physically and emotionally, make money get broke ... You just need to show him love and kiss his booboos when he comes to you.

  14. Anonymous Says:
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  15. Anonymous Says:
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  16. ryan field Says:

    I think Ybor sounds like a fun place.

  17. BTW ... when are you going to post your gay kisses on my site www.ratemygaykiss.com?

  18. Jon Cox Says:
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  19. Who's not remotely real?