Heat of the Moment

I had a real good nights sleep time to think and time to talk with my friends over this blog thing. This morning after downing a few cups of coffee I open my email and wow got another surprise I had 36 emails some of them were waiting for me 2 publish comments but the others were from readers some that did comment and others who just read my blog. Most of ya'll telling me the same thing if I stop they win and I went thru this before a few years ago and I took the high road then and took control and they went away and they will this time also. Yesterday post was made in the heat of the moment and I let them get to me today is a different story and I am taking back control again so hope you fuckers enjoy your little time in control coz it anit happen today this is my blog has been for years and you will never make me stop they day I stop blogging is the day I want to not that you ran me away.

For now all comments will have to be approved by me I don't like that I believe in freedom of speech and ya'll know that but coz of the hate and the remarks towards my family this is the was it has to be. I will still publish comments that give me a little shit or puts the foot in my ass I have no troubles with them sometimes I need it. Maybe someday I can go back to open comments but this is the best way for now. Sad part is I know who is doing the most of the bad commenting and they don't even have the balls to write me back yes I email them but like I said they are ball less they won't write back just so you know and they know I know the states this is coming from is Florida, Georgia, California, Minnesota I have the towns also and if they don't back the fuck off I will post them next with ip address. If you have a problem with me email me if all you want to do is spew your hate then leave me the fuck alone.

Also I still haven't forgot the projects I am working on for this blog that includes you and I have some ideas in mind that I thought of yesterday and I even sent an email out this morning on an idea just waiting to hear back. So for now that's it I still may take a few days off from blogging so don't panic ok. Lots of love to all my readers and thanks so much for understanding and the support.

Later from Tampa Bay!
9 Responses

  1. Christopher Says:

    Glad to see you are hanging tough and not letting the detractors stop you from doing something that you enjoy. Enjoy the mini-break and see you when ya get back.

  2. Way to not let em' get you down honey and sorry I wasn't around yesterday. Big Hug!

  3. elise Says:

    I'm jusy catching up on yesterday's postings. Good Grief! Those asshole commenters aren't worth your time, Ryan!

    Delete them, edit them, whatever. There are plenty of us who truly enjoy your blog!

    very cold (but warm) hugs from Chicagoland...

  4. Laurie Says:

    OK After hurking when I read
    the text from you (just kiddin)
    I got to thinkin....And if my
    thinkin is right then I will find
    this out in a couple of days...

    You are so right not to let them
    win...I will stand by your side
    through it all...You're my young
    man...My only Ryan....I loves you
    like CRAZY!!!

    TACKLE YOU HUGS!!!!!!!


  5. I missed some DRAMA, I see....Just some thoughts on Comment Approval....I think it is a good thing, dear Ryan, and sometimes needed when there are people out there who DON'T have the balls to say who they are but feel like they can say anything they want. I believe in free speech, too...BUT....this is YOUR Blog. You can choose who to publish, or not....since you cannot control how your readers might comment and Blogger gives this as an option for a reason, I believe---A VERY GOOD REASON, TOO....For just this kind of situation....So, take heart, my dear Ryan....and Don't Let The Bastards Het You Down....!

  6. jimm Says:

    I'm confused about all this. But diversity is a strength, not a weakness, so I hope ya keep blogging.

  7. Angel Says:

    woot woot! fuck those assholes who want to bring you down. maybe you should send me their ip's, i know a couple of hackers that can blow up computers hehe. no one messes with my friends, no one. Ya here that shitheads!

    Leave Ryan Alone!

    stay tough and brilliant


  8. ryan field Says:

    I just sent you an e-mail. I guess we were thinking along the same lines, which makes me feel really good :)

    You're a great guy; keep moving forward!!

    Yay, too!!