Give a Helping Hand

Last night after work I went to dinner with a friend see Kadin was working the second shift so he didn't get off until 11. I know Laurie won't wanna hear this but I hate 2 eat alone hell I hate 2 eat but really hate 2 eat alone so if someone don't have dinner with me I normally just won't eat. Well my friend ask me earlier if Iwanted to have dinner with him some where. Well we went to this little mom and pop dinner they have really good homemade food we were sitting in the car getting ready 2 go in finishing up are cigs when I seen this old man by the dumpster. First I thought it's sad and then I thought it's also cold out so I pointed and said look Jason at that old guy. He said the same thing I was thinking how sad. I said lets buy him dinner least tonight he won't be hungry so we went up 2 the old guy and I said excuse me sir if you don't mind we would like to buy you dinner he looked at me funny and said you think I'm in the dumpster for food for myself? I said well I don't know he said this anit for me it's for my dog. Course I said for your dog?

He went on 2 tell us he lived across the street and was on a fixed income and he was working part time but lost that job when the business closed up and he just didn't have the money to buy extra food dor his dog and he didn't want to give it up it was the only friend he had. Yeah I know touched my heart also but also a small part of me was thinking maybe this old guy was jerking my chain so I was like well can we see your dog? He was like how I know I can trust u boys and u anit gonna hurt me? Good point I thought least he is being careful I said here is my cell phone and here is my dl so you know who I am and u can call for help if you feel the need 2. So we walked across the street and yes he had a dog and he was feeding the dog the scraps he found I was totally floored and ya'll know my emotions when they get a running look out. So Jason peeked in the fridge and he said very little in there so we told the old guy we would be right back.

Of course we ran to the store and got some milk, bread lunch meat stuff like that coffee old guys love coffee hell I love coffee working on my 4th cup right now anyway yes we got dog food. We went back and took him the stuff and told him from now on anytime he gets low or don't have the money call us we gave him are numbers told him even if it's dog food call. He was so grateful so it got me 2 thinking I'm sure many of you know an elderly person I'm sure right in your neighborhood think about the times were in right now I know many might have a lot of extra money lord knows I wouldn't if I didn't have this second job. Anyway check in on them with this cold weather across the north right now it might be a good idea see if they need something from the store maybe pick up there meds for them. I just think we need to take a little more of our time and check on them make sure there ok if the times are tough on you think how tough it is on them. Just do it ok it will make you feel good inside and will make them happy also.
Ok now I said the bad cold weather up north well it's cold here also it was like 39 this morning but it don't last long here but still it was cold. But I'm thinking about ya'll up in the great white north and 30 below and snow. How nice would it be to get a postcard from Florida ya know with a beach, palm trees and stuff like that. Well if you like a post card from Florida send me an email and I will send ya one. Hell if you want to send me one go ahead I will take a pic of it and post it and write something about that city. That's it for today folks not letting the haters win.

Later from a brisk Florida!
12 Responses
  1. Laurie Says:

    Honey....You're right about me
    not wanting to hear that you don't
    eat when there is no body else to
    eat with....If you need someone
    just call me....I'll be there
    while you eat....I'll be there for
    you when you need me...You know

    I'm really proud of you and your
    friend....Very sweet of you both
    to do...Now, if you don't wanna
    talk to me while you eat you have
    somebody who you can take food
    to and eat with them :)

    I love you and hope to talk to
    you tomorrow :)



  2. naturgesetz Says:

    Bless you and Jason!

    Whatever you did for the least of His brothers, you did for Him.

  3. Wat a wonderful thoughtful caring thing to do Ryan....And you have to know that THAT man is deeply deeply grateful...! Times are very tough, especially for people on fixed incomes, etc....And when you said that this man said the dog was his only friend, I thought of what Mickey Roarke said at The Golden Globes---how he thanked his dogs because , he said, when a man is alone, sometimes that all you have is the love of your dog....
    I think it says a lot about you and your friend Jason, that you have such a generous heart....Bravo, Ryan.

  4. elise Says:

    A simple act of kindness can make such a difference in a person's life. We need more caring folks like you and Jason!

    I'm glad you shared this story now, because a lot of needy people are facing more hard times after the holidays.

    Good folks are so generous around the holidays, but often then get busy and forget that food pantries and homeless shelters and other organizations that help the less fortunate operate 365 days a year.

    Please, dear readers, get inspired by Ryan and Jason and try to do something--even if all you can affford is donating one extra canned good each week, it will help.

    Hugs to all....

  5. Carl Says:

    What the hell are you doing smoking? That sure is good for your health.

    You did a good thing by helping. I wish more people would.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Awww, that was very sweet of you.
    And damn it is cold here in Atlanta. It stayed in the 30s all afternoon. Heading to the teens tonight! Time to put the flannel sheets on the bed.

  7. jimm Says:

    well, i hope ya'll hadta breakout ur winter parkas down in the deep south. what i'd give for 39 degrees! that'd be 'shorts nd wifebeater' weather up here!

    helping other ppl allus makes me feel good. so i like what ya did for that fella nd his dawg.

  8. Steevo Says:

    Around here seniors can get free pet food from SPCA and local shelters. Does the old man know that? How can he deal with vet bills?

    If you dont hear from him, maybe go check up on him?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    well I've gotten to know you,your actions don't surprise me...great deed!
    P.S Glad ya stuck with the blog!

  10. Angel Says:

    I know you don't like to hear about not eating but the least you can do is tell kadin when he gets in from work to feed ya. I wish I was closer to you because I would have tagged along just so dont eat alone. Im very proud though of you and your friend. Ive done things like that in the past. With a heart of gold like yours ryan, im not surprised you did this.

    Stay warm ryan.

    Love n peace,

  11. That is a GREAT story and a great idea Ryan!!! Also I would anonymously leave some dog food for him from time to time because I seriously doubt he'd ever call y'all if he were in need. I'd HOPE he would but betting he wouldn't. Pride and all that you know.
    We just got some new elderly neighbors (since Mrs. Rose moved in w' her daughter) and we've taken them under our wing too. Stacy and I just love old people!

  12. Chuck Says:

    Good for you, bud. That guy is never gonna forget it. :-D

    And hehehe about the weather :) It's been crazy warm here in Cali, up into the 70s most days over the last week. My family back in the Midwest hates to hear it, but it's really hard not to be smug!