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Last time I check this is my blog a place where I can write my feelings talk about my moods or anything else I damn well please. I also leave it open for comments the reason I do this is for support good or bad. Yes I can take the bad sometimes the bad really isn't bad it's said to put a foot in my ass and sometimes I need this Carl can testify 2 that. But when people come on here and tells me to grow up is more than a foot in my ass besides that's what I'm doing growing up with the help of friends but I don't need someone coming on here being and ass about bitching about what I am writing on my blog and then hide by not leaving there name just pisses me off. Will it make people happy if I just come on here and write happy thoughts all the time I think not. Least have the balls to write me personally if you gonna bitch me out my email is easy to find hell it's other than that have a nice evening I am planning on it!

Later from Tampa Bay!
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  1. Angel Says:

    here here! leave ryan alone you buttheads. He and everyone else writes what they want. freedom of speech goes a long way. if he didnt write from his heart then ryan would not be ryan.

    Keep on going my lil freedom writer.


  2. Laurie Says:

    I'm with Angel :)
    It's your blog do what ya want...
    The only reason people do that is
    because they are jealous of you
    and they want the love of the
    friends that you have...

    I'm 100% beside you :)


  3. Way to tell em' Ryan.

    Most people are cowards at heart. It's real easy to hide behind "anonymous" on the internet!

  4. Carl Says:

    Ryan, I think my foot is getting sore by giving you a swift kick so many times. :-)

  5. elise Says:

    I feel a bit sad for those anonymous commenters who only say negative things about you, Ryan.

    They are obviously regular readers, so something keeps them coming back to your blog. But it's like they're ashamed to admit that, so they just lash out at you.

    Maybe it is some kind of jealousy, or self-hatred. There is some kind of unhappiness going on.

    I hope those readers can resolve their problems, or at least start to, so they can relax and appreciate all of the good stuff that this blog has to share!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I just wonder if the millions and millions of your fans would approve of your second job? I know what it is I have to admit I was a little shocked when I seen you Tuesday night your not such a saint now are you? I just love Ybor don't you?

    Cowboy Troy

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Since when did Ryry claim saint hood? Nobody is perfect and we all do what we have to to survive. I'm sad to learn he needs a 2nd job and with his health I worry but what the job is doesn't bother me in the least. ed

  8. ryan field Says:

    I know for a fact that there are many readers who love this blog and love the things Ryan writes about. He's a long time standard in the gay blogging community and he's gained due respect for that. Everyone goes through ups and downs, and Ryan is always honest and willing to talk about his in a very public way, which is why so many people love to read his blog. I used to interview him, and the e-mails I received shocked me. All they wanted was more Ryan and more of his blog. But more than that, his blog has helped so many people he's not even aware of it.

    Ryan, you are a very special person.

  9. "I just wonder if the millions and millions of your fans would approve of your second job?"

    Who gives a rat's ass whether or not we or others would approve? Who are we...any of and even begin to judge Ryan? Like he's his blog!

    I say this all the time, about my own blog... if you don't like the content, then don't read it. It's not a big deal. your life the way you see fit. You are a fine young man. :)

  10. Anonymous Says:

    You tell 'em Ryan. People need to stop judging others and dealing with themselves. Remember every time you point a finger at someone else four are pointing back at yourself. It is a big 'ol Internet so if they don't like what you write or say or anything they can keep clicking on over to some other site.

  11. jimm Says:

    2nd job??? I wonder what the Lone Ranger did when he removed the mask?

    Hiyo Silver!!!