My Mood

I just got so much emotions and feelings running inside me right now.
Later from Florida!
4 Responses
  1. naturgesetz Says:

    Hey, buddy.

    Feelings and emotions can seem really overwhelming sometimes. They can make it difficult to think straight and figure out what to do. But it would be awful not to be capable of having them.

    Hope you get it all sorted out.


  2. Laurie Says:

    Sweetie!!! You know I'm here for
    I'm in a pretty good mood and I
    even have to go back to work today.
    So I will sit on you and blow
    raspberries on your belly and
    tickle you till you pee :)

    Mean mom ain't I... :)


    ps...Colored Josh's hair 'back'..
    but the blonde is coming back out.

  3. I think the January Blues are out in full force.. Arrgghhh...

    Feel better sweetie! (wish it were that easy, eh?)

  4. Ryan, my love, when you're all scrambled up inside just try to remember you are loved by many and we'll all stand by you just as we know that you'd do for us.

    David really flubbed on this song. I'm surprised they made it available. But, he's so cute, it makes up for alot!

    Yay! for 2009!!!!!