Dale Jr Sucks!!!!!

Each day that goes by now I feel better this is one of the worse things I think I went through. I didn't get how sick food could make you I heard about it before but to be honest I never really understood until now. Peanut butter one of my favorite things in the world and it about killed me well least it felt like it was gonna I tell ya I know my bathroom real well now! I got a funny one for ya my job I work for the state and it's a government thing for veterans well they were having a fit because I was sick and not at work. Now what's funny about this is I'm in the medical field and the government is on this peanut butter thing and they are mad at me cause I'm sick. Well you know me I went off on there asses told them fire me if your not happy and I would see them in court. Course they said just had a doctors note and things would be fine whatever all I know is there pissing me off only reason I took that job was I wanted to help the solider's coming back from Iraq but I am sure I can find another place to do my work.

Next thing I want to talk about is my feelings for Kadin. I'm not sure if it's the way I come off or if people are just being nice or maybe people trying to get a booty call. Maybe it's just me I don't know but I want to make it crystal clear that I am not looking for any hook up what so ever! I am very happy with Kadin and I would never cheat on him. I like to flirt but he knows that but I would never cross the line and hurt him in anyway. So please if your sending emails or myspace/facebook or any other ways trying to get in my pants please stop ok it's not gonna happen. I love Kadin and he loves me and we don't play and like I said before I won't hurt him so the hooking up anit gonna happen. But I'm not above exposing myself haha! Please ya'll know that anyway I am a total nudist at heart!Kyle Busch let me speak on him I felt so sorry for him this Daytona 500 I thought was sucky. It's just my thoughts maybe it was cause I was sick and couldn't be there but the build up all month long I just don't think it lived up to the hype. Kyle had the car to beat like at most races but no fault of his own he was taken out. I know the Jr nation is strong and I would say don't like me much but I don't care I think he knew what he was doing when he wreck Vickers and I think Jre was just getting back from the Talladega thing a few years ago. One thing about race car drivers they never forget they get even might take them a while but they do. Oh the funniest shit was Jr on his radio saying that if Vickers didn't like it meet him by the trailer and he would whip his ass. Please I would pay to see that Brian would kick the shit out of that redneck wanna be. Jr needs to remember he is old compare to Brian. The only reason Jr is as popular as he is cause his dad died. I'm sorry I don't like him I think he is so overrated and he will never be like his daddy and I don't think he will ever win a championship he's just not that good.

Well I think I've pissed enough people off today so I'll go until later peace!
Later from Florida!
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  1. Hub is a HUGE Kyle fan and HATES Jr. I don't know how we stay together ha ha! He doesn't mind me pulling for Reed though!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I don't want in your pants Ryry I want in Matt Kenseth's Haha. I'm mad at the NASCAR people who told the newspapers that Matt Kenseth is boring and they wish a more popular guy had won. He was on Regis and Kelly Live this morning and looking all cute and everything. Oh, I'm sorry you're having trouble at work and know you'll find an even better job if they don't back off. Hugs tell it helps. ed

  3. Martin Says:

    Oh, c'mon--don't hold back--how do you really feel about Dale, Jr.? hahaha
    That was a great rant !

  4. Uncle Gerry Says:

    Just goes to show you should watch what you put in your mouth, nephew!
    I am not a NASCAR fan so I really don't care who wins as long as they are cute like Reed! Big Hugs!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    hey. i'm mike from malaysia. can we link each other? if you dont mind :)

  6. naturgesetz Says:

    I'm glad to hear you're continuing to get better.

    I worked for the federal government, and they had a pretty good sick leave policy. But of course anybody can say they're sick, so the office usually wanted a doctor's not if someone was out more than a day or two. I'm not sure how many days you missed, but they have a right to ask for a note from a doctor. So my advice is to calm down, unless they try to fire you even with the dr.'s note.

    I don't follow NASCAR, so I had no idea about any of this, but I read about it in the Boston paper. I've got to say Dale jr. doesn't seem like a great guy the way the paper tells it. It sounds like he was mostly in the wrong.

    Take care of yourself.


  7. Anonymous Says:

    Ryan, i got u linked too. Glad to have u in my list. feel free to visit my blog anytime you want yo!

  8. elise Says:

    Gee, Ryan, You didn't piss ME off today!

    :-) :-) :-)

  9. ryan field Says:

    First...glad you're feeling better. I was worried.

    Second: "I'm not sure if it's the way I come off or if people are just being nice or maybe people trying to get a booty call."

    I always thought you came off as a nice guy with good intentions.

  10. Laurie Says:

    Honey...That's what happens when
    you can't keep your pants on...
    Once you get them on everybody
    wants them off...

    I'm glad you're back and from now
    on you better EAT GOOD FOOD!!!!
    No more of them damned ole
    peanut butter crackers and soda...
    YEAH...YOU HEAR ME!!! You know
    I'm right...Don't roll your eyes
    at me...OH PULEEZ!!!

    Um...With the way you drive and
    the way I drive why do you think
    his daddy is teaching him how to...

    HUGGIE SNUGGLES!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. A Lewis Says:

    From one nudist to another...I like you just the way you are. As for eyeballing other dudes when you're one love is Kadin....remember that even though you've decided on what you want for dinner doesn't mean you can't look at the dessert menu.

  12. Wish you a good recovery.

  13. Angel Says:

    leave ryan alone! hes taken so(sticks out tounge). Some people just dont understand the word manogomy. Oh and the thing with Jr was hilarious. I was happy he got hit but I was so pissed when he started dissing the other guy.

    Get well buddy.