Hey You Got Peanut Butter on my ****

Hey guys sorry about the title of the post, its just Ryan being sick cause of peanut butter reminds me of the old reese cup commercials.

Anyway Ryans pissed cause he aint going to get to go to the races. His mom went down to Florida to take the car keys so he wont attempt to go.

She said he is feeling real weak but pissy so he'll be up and about real soon. Just wanted to come on and let ya'll know what's up.

I know ya'll are probably thinking what about a update on me well maybe I'll get off my ass soon and do one:)
8 Responses
  1. Laurie Says:

    Thanks for the update Mikey....
    I'm so glad his mom went down
    there and did that...He can get
    glad in the same pants he gets
    mad in....

    Yeah...I do wanna know how you are
    doing...I worry about you too ya


  2. ryan field Says:

    Ryan...FEEL BETTER!!


  3. naturgesetz Says:

    Sorry to hear it's that bad.

    Get better right quick now, hear?

  4. Angel Says:

    thanks for the update mikey! Im glad his mom came down and took his keys away. Ryan needs to get better before anything else. I would hate to see him going to daytona and spewing everywhere. Sometimes I feel I should run down and help get him better but he has kadin to do that. By what ive heard about his eating habits, ide want to be their personal chef so ryan eats lol. In anyway get better my little soldier. Oh and mikey, write something already! I get worried when you don't write.

    Stay safe people. Also Ryan Field, why havent you messaged me...grr ;)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I can't begin to feel the disappointment Ryan feels at not getting to go to Daytona. He looked forward to at all year. There will be other races, Ryry. You getting better is the most important thing.
    Another Ad: What's this? Some Cereal, supposed to be good for you let's get Mikey, he won't eat it he hates everything, Hey Mikey, Hey Mikey! ed

  6. elise Says:

    Thanks, Mikey---always good news that Ryan is getting pissy---his fighting mode is getting into gear and he'll get well quicker now!

    (and we also need to hear about you, Mikey!)

    Thanks Ryan's Mom for going down there to hide the keys and nurse him back to health!

    RYAN: Please don't do this again! Sorry about the race--there will be others. And listen to your Mom!!

    hugs to all....

  7. ryan field Says:

    Just checking in, Ryan...hope you're feeling better. I've been following you're blog so long I worry when things like this happen :)

  8. Martin Says:

    Does Ryan's Mom know about the spare set of car keys Ryan keeps hidden so he can sneak off to the races?

    Haha...just kidding, Ryan!
    Feel better soon ♥