Peanut Butter Lover

Well ya'll heard of the peanut butter thing going around that's making people sick? My doctor is sure that is what my problem is I went in for more blood work today but he is 100% sure that's what is my problem. Yeah I love peanut butter and one of my favorite things is them peanut butter crackers. All I know is I have never had this kinda stomach thing before in my life. I won't go into details but the bathroom has been my best friend the last few days. They got me on some meds of course trying to make me better but all they do is make me tired. Anyway I just wanted to give ya'll an update and please pray for it to go away soon! It's fucking up all my plans dammit! See Laurie (Texas Mom) this is why I don't eat! haha!

Later from Florida!
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  1. Laurie Says:

    Well, if you ate FRUITES AND
    VEGGIES (and I don't mean Kadin)
    And if you didn't just live on
    crackers alone....Don't you argue
    with me boy! You will NOT WIN!
    Yeah...I said it! YOU JUST DON'T
    I've said it more than once...
    I will always be on your case
    about what and how you eat....

    Honey you know I love you more
    than I could ever show....You're
    my boy....I'd be just as lost
    without you as I would be without

    I wish you better....
    I'm hoping for the best in this...
    Have Kadin or Mikey keep me
    informed about what's going on
    with you....

    My thoughts and prayers are with
    you everyday no matter what.....


  2. Derek Says:

    sorry you been sick, i had it a few weeks ago, the medicine almost made me even sicker.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    As a peanut butter lover too, this has been hard. I eat Jif and they say they are safe.
    Get well and Choose Jif. Choosy Gays Do. LOL

  4. ryan field Says:

    You poor thing!! I've been scared to death of that peanut butter thing. I love those heart shaped reeses this time of year.

    Hope you're better soon!!

  5. Martin Says:

    I was just reading your previous post about a half hour ago and I thought of the peanut butter thing because I'd just seen a TV news story about the FBI raiding the plant where it was made.
    Weird, huh?

    Hope you feel better soon, Ryan!

  6. Chuck Says:

    I know all too well that particular pain. Once and you never freaking forget it. I know this doesn't help, but try to find some fascination in what your body's doing, because it's really incredible to fathom. That's one of the only things that got me through the being doubled over in pain, sitting on the toilet holding a trash can. Yours has been goin' on a long time, bud. Get well soon!

  7. Carl Says:

    OK, don't eat stay thin. Don't mess up that body. LOL.

    Just kidding.

  8. naturgesetz Says:

    It's good to know what caused it. That way you know what to avoid.

    This time it's pretty easy because the bad peanut butter is being recalled, and you know not to eat that brand for a while.

    Jif is okay and so is Skippy, which I buy. ou might be able to save a few cents by buying the PB and crackers separately and making your own. Except if you're anything like me, you'd probably throw away the savings by using more peanut butter that the snack manufacturers put on the crackers. lol

    Please make an effort to eat right. Food is an important part of nutrition. lol

  9. Angel Says:

    peanut butter is AWESOME... sucks that not only are they having that salmonella shit but that its fucking you up. ooh, there goes some poopage.

    Get better my little chickadee, ill be prayin for ya.


  10. Says:

    There are disruptive forces in this love affair. You and peanut butter might have to go separate ways. At least a temporary separation seems highly recommended.

    Me and peanut butter were a one-night only. We did not even exchange phone numbers.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Feel better Ryry. I'm allergic to peanuts and peanut butter among other things so have never tasted it on purpose but you'd be surprised how many things contain some form of peanut butter so I've had severe bouts of the squirts many times. I keep a bottle of Mylanta in the Frig and drink about half a bottle of it each time and in a day or two began to feel better. Samonella is nothing to sneeze at so take care of yourself. ed

  12. Oh lord, I can't believe that's what it is! Makes sense though. Do listen to Laurie, she's much better at the "mom" stuff than I am.

    I'll just smack you upside the head like a big sister should if you get out of line okay? LOL

  13. elise Says:

    EEWWWWWW.....Well, I hope Kadin is giving you plenty of TLC, and whatever else you need......I'm talking about Healthy Food!!!

    Listen to Laurie and the rest of your very wise blog family!

    sending gentle hugs....

  14. ryan field Says:

    You haven't posted since Tuesday. Hope you're okay and feeling better.