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What's wrong with people today? I just don't get it. Last night we went out for dinner now it's spring break in many parts of Florida so it's like over busy. Now we could have used the trump card and maybe got in quicker but no we was waiting our turn. This old couple came in and the lady taking peoples names ask them there names told them it would 20 mins to half an hour maybe. We have been there like 10 mins already no big deal right well you know them chairs and bench's they put out for people to wait on? Well they were all filled up and my group had taken up one bench but they were these other with kids like maybe from 12 to 16 sitting in them never once did they offer to get up for the older couple and there parents didn't even tell them to get up just let them older people stand. Well of course we offer our seats to the couple. I don't get it is this they way people are raised now a days? It's a shame whatever happen to give your seat up to a lady or a elderly person or open a door for them. I don't know is just my Southern roots or my Dad being from England I don't know all I know is that's what's wrong with America no manners.Now some you had questions and I just decided to answer or just say something about the ones that comment on the post from the other day. Just remember if you do have a question feel free to ask.

Jimm no I still have my job they were upset with me cause I took my vacation after being off for the peanut butter thing they thought I would cancel my vacation.
Martin you know I have enough for me and a turtle or 2 haha! snap snap!

Angel nothing going on but vacation!

Laurie girl don't make me come to Texas cause you will have to cook for me haha!

M-Queen I am have a blast!

Ed your a nut that's why we love you!

Ryan have you ever been to Key West Queens everywhere haha!

Carl yes I love the Wildhorse!

Later from South Beach!
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  1. Says:

    You are bringing back some memories. 22 years ago I was celebrating spring break on the Keys. We had a hell of a party. Enjoy it, especially the naked moments.

  2. Martin Says:

    I see the same thing all the time riding buses to/from work. High school or college kids race to get a seat, and will never give it up for an older person. You should see the college kids try to cram their way onto the bus...pushing and shoving to get a seat. And most of them have been sitting all day in class, but still battle for a seat. haha

    I'm counting the days 'til we get another break from work!

    Have fun, Ryan!

  3. Ah spring break!
    Manners - don't get me started. I am very BIG on manners. I think it's a southern thing.

    Tell Reed I don't care if you are a jinx or whatever you MUST come to Darlington. Don't make me get all "Mom" on him k? LOL

  4. A Lewis Says:

    I've even gone so far as to stand up and say outloud, "I'm sure that THEY wouldn't mind letting you have a seat." And then I point at them so that everyone can see who needs to stand up and give up their seat. It works quite well if you're as brash and balsy as I am.

  5. ryan field Says:

    I agree about the manners thing. If I see a cute guy standing, I always sit back and let him sit on my lap :)

    Been to Key West...for a long weekend...I like it. A lot of people here, where I live, go there. And Provincetown.

  6. naturgesetz Says:

    When I'm on the subway, I offer my seat to a lady who is standing. (Although, I must admit, if she looks under 25, I don't. I figure at some point old age becomes the trump card.) On a couple of occasions, when I've given my seat to a lady, some young guys have followed my example. And I've seen young guys do it even before I was able to show an example. Most guys keep their seats, but chivalry isn't completely dead yet.

    Enjoy the scuba diving.

  7. As an "older" person Ryan, I dearly appreciate your good manners and southern up-bringing.
    Somehow the "me" generation left out things like 'manners' when bringing up there kids---with some exceptions, of course.
    My dearest dear and soul mate was born and brought up in Montgomery, Ala. He always opened the door for me and other woment and he would be the first to get up and offer his seat to an older person. I must admit I loved that!

    Hope you are having the BEST time on this Vacation, my dear Ryan.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Ryan...have a sweet time...

  9. Angel Says:

    the only encounter i had with an elderly person was them screaming at me to get up from the bench because it was her bench. But your right ryan, manners are needed these days...just as long as the situation doesnt start with the person yelling at you. IM GLAD everythings going good on your vacation. Is kadin with ya? Take care of yourself beautiful.

    Your lil angel