Queens Everywhere Help

I know I'm vacation and I know I'm suppose to be having a good time and I am but just like any place else someone has to do there best to fuck up someone's good time. Well someone tried to fuck up mine and my crew and yes Ryan has to get this off his chest so today's post is I don't understand it and really can't stand it so fuck off whatever you are!(This one all I can say Mommie it scare me)

Before any of you come back and hate on me understand this I am gay and proud of it but there are parts of the gay community I don't understand and this is one of them so I can talk about even hate on if you will because I am gay and I know about hate ok! What am I talking about drag queens that's what I'm talking about fucking drag queens. Would somebody please explain to me why a boy want's to dress up as a girl? I understand transgender people born in the wrong body go and have a sex change I understand that a little I think but drag queens I don't understand why and for the most part I think it's the dumbest thing in the gay community and I think it's shit like drag queens that make gay people look stupid and like white trash. It's I'm sorry but I don't understand and don't think anybody can explain it to me to make me understand it. Look I am gay and I want to be with a boy not a boy that dresses like a girl I don't care if there doing it for money I would go ape shit if Kadin did that for a living honest I wouldn't be with him I like boys period not some drag queen. I don't understand the outfits there wanting to be like a women but they were theses outfits that no women would ever put on. When they perform they move there hands and shit I never seen any performer Cher or Celine or Tina any of them there trying to act like omfg I don't get it! Please don't throw that your jealous shit up in my face either coz the last thing you will ever see is this boy in a dress if that was my only way to make money I would rather be homeless! You queens that read this and get mad at me fuck off and take RuPaul with you sick fucks!(This one kinda looks like Ric Flair Wooooo)

Oh your asking yourself did a drag queen do something to piss me off yeah it did it looked at me touch me and I knocked it on its ass. Got my crew throw out of the club. Not the first time I had a run in with drag queens so look out!

Oh Have a Good Weekend!
Later from Florida!
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  1. elise Says:

    Hey, sweetie---I'm sorry for giggling here, but I just think you are cute when you get all riled up about certain things!

    You know I'm not making fun of you--I just love when you get a good rant on!!!

    I wouldn't dare try to explain the attraction of drag queens, even though this straight girl loves a good drag show!

    Happy hugs on Friday the 13th!

  2. Angel Says:

    he defintely is cute when hes riled up. Even when he said him and his crew I just had to smile. I myself dont really care for drag shows. People do what they want to do and thats that. More or less I think drag shows are for entertainment. Now I have met ru-paul in person (as a man) and let me tell you, he doesnt act as queeny as he does when hes in doors. But I must say, some of these drag queens look so much like woman its crazy. Now I appluad you for knocking down that queen for touching you. Some people forget that they have to ask before they can grab.

    By the way is kadin with you?

    Enjoy your vacation cutie, stay safe, and take care of yourself.

    Your lil guardian angel

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I guess drag queens are either something you enjoy or hate. I used to feel like you but over time I came to understand them and consider them a blast to be around most of the time. You just have to enjoy campy humor. Besides most drag queens I know are more masculine out of drag than a lot of the rest of the men in our community.

  4. jimm Says:

    hmmm... do ya think that baitch anne coulterr could be one?

  5. Patrick Says:

    Bravo brother! I'm one of those homosexual guys who agrees with you 100%. By the way, I refuse to use the word "gay" to describe myself simply because of the offensive representation in that 'community' that many seem to think is 'ok'. The offensive displays of drag queens, and indeed other 'fetish' behavior in the gay 'community' has NOTHING to do with same-gender-affection and the fact that I am sweet on my buds and appreciate being around and associating and identifying with masculine men. I don't care if some of these drag queens might be 'men' when they're out of drag. I know it will never stop so I want to be as far away from it as I can be, even if it means abandoning the entire community. The absolute worst are the drag queens that don't do it professionally, but drag their tired, ugly asses out in public and think they are fooling everyone. They're not! Drag Queens - Stay away from me!

    Check out the link included with my name. It is an organization for same-gender-attracted men dedicated to distancing ourselves from the lunacy that has dragged much of the gay community through the gutter. Check us out!

  6. ryan field Says:

    I don't know. I can't offer any advice on this one because I never thought about it.

    Hope you're having fun otherwise.

    Have a great weekend!!

  7. justaguynatl Says:

    Oh my poor Ryan, you done pissed off the drag queens!

    Unfortunately for better or worse, the drag queens are a part of our community. And while, like you, I don't get it and really don't want to try to get it, it was the drag queens that started the gay rights movement by rioting against the police after the cops raided the Stonewall bar in New York. So I gotta kinda respect them for that.

    Nevertheless, no one has the right to touch you without an invitation to do so. But you don't win by pissing off the drag queens in a club. They just don't fight fair.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Sweetie...

    Ya know...Some guys that dress
    that way are straight...

    I can see your skinny ass scramble
    across a table to get away from
    one...It paints the funniest
    mental picture for me...

    Just rememeber they mean you no

    I loves you and you know that...


  9. Anonymous Says:

    Nope. I do not care for the drag queens at all. Just not my thing. Just as so many other people are of little or no interest for me.

    Yet, I have grown to recognize that people just happen to be different. Their ideas, preferences and orientation are all different and that difference must be respected for as long as they are not harming anyone.

    Another aspect of growing up is getting to know yourself and acquiring the capability to focus on what works for you. The drag queens do not do a thing for me. So, I am focusing on college dudes, young guys and hunks. And I am having a ball.

  10. Patrick Says:

    Rebuttal to justaguynatl:

    No, the equality movement did not start with the drag queens at Stonewall. People just believe that because the media pushes the most outrageous visuals that stick in the public's mind. Look up on Wikipedia or Google the terms "Mattachine Society" (founded in 1950) or "The Society for Human Rights" (1924). Both of these equality efforts pre-dated what was nothing more than a riot. These were true organized efforts, not people in costume making fools of themselves and stereotyping and stigmatizing a whole community - a travesty that persists to this very day.

  11. Different strokes for different folks is all I can say.
    You will understand a bit when you get older.
    It's all in what/who you desire. Some gay men (self-loathing in my opinion but who asked?) I think are attracted to drag queens because it makes them feel better about being gay. They can sort of "pretend" it's a woman. At least i've been told this in a discussion one time.
    Sorry you got kicked out of the club and a drag queen pissed you off.
    I must say I love a good drag show and even had the hub go to one in Savannah and he loved it too.
    I guess I think of them more as "entertainers".

  12. Anonymous Says:

    So you hit a drag queen? Why is that ok but somone beating you up because you're queer is not?

    I'm confused....bashing is bashing, isn't it?

  13. Ryan Says:

    anonymous i agree bashing is bashing right but i didnt go out looking for it and when you tell someone to stop touching you more than once they should stop but when they dont then u have to take matters in your own hands and make them. for the record i didnt hit anyone i just pushed and if the guy wasnt wearing heels maybe he wouldnt have fell on his ass. im not saying its right or wrong what i am saying no mean no and stop touching me means stop touching me.

  14. I dont get drag queens either - I dont find them funny or ironic.

    I am glad that I am not the only one!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Sometimes a spade needs to be called a spade, even one others are afraid to do so. Your column reveals a display of bigotry that is surprising, given how much you typically seek understanding and compassion from others with respect to your own identity.

    Words matter, so let's examine some of the things you write:

    1. You refer to drag queens as "sick fucks" (among other things). I'm sure there are a few homophobes that might say something similar about you.

    2. You ask, "Would somebody please explain to me why a boy want's to dress up as a girl?" Replace the words "wants to dress up as a girl" with "wants to sleep with a boy" and don't you end up at the same place? Does it matter?

    3. Your headline reads "Queens Everywhere Help." What if someone else had a blog that read "Fags Everywhere Help." What would you think about that? Would it matter if the straight author had been touched by someone gay?

    4. You fail to understand "why a boy wants to dress up like a girl." Just remember that there are plenty of heterosexuals that fail to understand why boys celebrate gay pride.

    5. You seem to mock drag queens for their "hand moves" even though there are plenty of heterosexuals who stereotype gay men (the ones who don't wear dresses) in a similar way.

    This isn't about heaping "hate" on you, but rather asking you to take a hard look in the mirror. It's inexcusable that someone touched you in an offensive and unwanted manner. But that doesn't make all drag queens bad people. Remember that the next time a gay priest molests a little boy in the choir.