Save a Horse Ride Me!!

Um yeah I just woke up I know it's 11:00 am my time but I didn't get in until like 4 this morning. I am in Nashville with some friends yeah you could guess who it is haha. Anyway I thought I would do a short post trying 2 explain yesterdays well I think most of you have guess what it is but I still have to work out the the things I fucked up before I can talk about them and it's hard to do anything right at this second when you have a speed demon pulling you all over America. A quick thanks to Wildhorse Saloon and Blue Genes in Nashville what a great time we had at your clubs and a special thanks to the managers at Blue Genes for the VIP treatment it was awesome if your in Nashville stop in and check these clubs out!

My New Best Friend!
Doing are best Captian Morgan Pose!

Later from Nashville heading to Key West later today for some nude scuba diving and deep sea fishing am I doing that in the nude hmmm maybe!
8 Responses
  1. Carl Says:

    Wild Horse is a great place.

  2. ryan field Says:

    My best friends are in Key West now. Wave if you see two queens walking a little black scottie.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I did see two scotties walking a black queen, lol. ed

  4. LMAO at ed - hilarious!

    Have fun Ryan! Love the pose!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I wish you would take better care
    of yourself...But who am I to say

    Be careful...I love you...


  6. jimm Says:

    i guess this all means you've lost or quit your day job?

  7. Angel Says:

    i dont know whats going on ryan but stay safe and take care of yourself.


  8. Martin Says:

    Nude scuba diving?!

    Hope there are no snapping turtles in the area! :)