Oh No!!!!!!

Well looks like I did it woke up this morning with a scratchy throat and not feeling well. I guess the vacation was a little much for me. Maybe the water maybe the climate in different states maybe the drinking hell I don't know all I know is I'm not feeling well today. Forgive me for not answering emails back for I have a ton on my yahoo and HON I will get to them when I am feeling better. For my new friends that don't understand what it means when I get sick I will feel ya'll in when I'm feeling better. Right now I think I should just rest and wait on a call from my Mom's telling me I told you so and the one in Atlanta telling me what I can take and the one in Texas telling me eat boy eat!Later from my Bedroom!
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  1. gomad.ch Says:

    That happens when you get your little titties in twist about them drag queens. All joking aside, I wish you a swift recovery.

  2. Angel Says:

    just get better ryan. it scares me when you get sick because i would feel lost without you as a best friend.

    take care of yourself,

  3. naturgesetz Says:

    Take real good care of yourself and get well promptly. Don't let it get any worse.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I won't say that I told you so...

    Just get better...Stop drinking...
    Eat right...Rest up...Drink WATER!!
    And know that I love you....

    LOVE YOU TONS!!!!!!!!!


  5. Martin Says:

    Sounds like you need a vacation to recover from your vacation. I would send a drag queen in a nurse's uniform to tend to you, but after your previous post, that might not be such a good idea. :)

    Get plenty of rest and take care, Ryan.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Hope you get better soon...HUGS

  7. I'll take over and say it - Eat, Boy Eat! You need to keep up your strength.

  8. ryan field Says:

    If I lived nearby, I'd bring you chicken soup.

    Rest and get better.

  9. elise Says:

    rest...liquids--no alcohol--eat healthy--PROMISE?

  10. My recommendation (that means I like what he has said) to the other Martin, but of course I hope and wish you get better shortly.