The Old West

I thought I would do a couple posts on history not so much of telling ya'll about it but more like when I'm with friends and we talk about it. See couple of my friends and I have talked about if we could pick a time to go back to what time would we pick. That is hard for me cause I have 2 time periods that just makes me wish I could go back in time and check them out. So in this post I am gonna talk a little about one period then maybe next week of even tomorrow I will do a post on the other. The first is the Old West I don't know for sure what draws me to this period but something inside me would love to go back and live in that period. The cowboys the gunfighters the old west back then would be the new west. The clothes they were back then all the new and back then even places in the USA was new to many people. Could you even think packing up and moving west with your family in a horse & wagon? The gunfighters back then Wyatt Earp, Billy the Kid, Doc Holiday, Butch Cassidy just to name a few some good some bad but even the bad ones were cool. I think about being gay back then what it must be like there wasn't any niteclubs so wonder how people met up? You know it happen back then just makes me wonder how and where. I don't know just something about that time period get's me going and sure wouldn't mind going back and checking it out. I bet I could find some info online about gay life back then I'll look into that. How about you if you could go back where would you stop? Can you guess what other time period I would stop in?

Later from Florida!

Oh got say way to go Vermont and Iowa!
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  1. ryan field Says:

    This is a great post. I love the old west.

    I don't know where guys met other guys back then, but I'd imagine there were secret places...kind of like rest stops and state parks and public bathrooms...where they could hook up.

  2. elise Says:

    Yes!! Major kudos to Iowa and Vermont!! Also, Wash DC will now fully recognize same-sex marriages from other states.

    And in Illinois, a civil union bill is still alive in the House. A baby step, but better forwards than backwards, right?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Strange as it may seem I often think I would like to go back to the exact area I live now but before any europeans had arrived. I would like to see how the native peoples did stuff and learn how to treat the environment instead of destroying it. coe (crazy Old ed)

  4. Angel Says:

    Im not a big fan of the old west. The only thing that draws me to it are the really sexy men...I know dirty mind lol. Im guessing back then they met each other in bath houses or whatever. There are three periods I would like to visit. The Renaissance period and the 1950's so I can meet Marilyn Monroe. Also I would like to meet my ancestors like the TaĆ­no (Tai E No) Indians of Puerto Rico (1492) "BEFORE" Spain came and destroyed their culture. Its also funny that my late ancestor is also Juan Ponce DeLeon who discovered St.Augustine here in FL. I love talking about history 2, its a fascinating subject.

    Awesome about the same sex marriages!

    Stay safe mr ryan,
    your lil guardian "Angel"

  5. Anonymous Says:

    OH YEAH! I feel like I was born
    in the wrong time...I love the
    mid to late 1800's and the
    Don't know why those years but
    hey...It's me...

    Hope you're doing good...I really
    miss talking to you...



  6. As a child I really wanted to live in the Middle Ages and later in ancient Rome, I guess the court of Emperor Frederick II. has somehow both, so it would be an honour to live there.

  7. jimm Says:

    To go back in time i would chose Lewis and Clark's Expedition, the Corps of Discovery.

    Since i am one small part Native American, i wouldn't mind experiencing their kind of life before the white men came to America.

    The old west is quite interesting. Google the Donner Party.

    Your other time travel era?

    Knowing you, i think you'd like to don some speedos, swing from tree to tree while exploring Africa with Dr Livingstone.

  8. Martin Says:

    I've always wanted to go into the future, rather than back into the past.
    But if I was going into the past, it would be at the time of the American Revolution, so I could meet people like Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, and other patriots.
    They risked everything to create the most free nation on Earth, which I fear we may be losing.

  9. I wrote this whole comment and then I screwed up...ARRRRGH....!

    I think it interesting to contemplate what gat life was like back in The Old West, and how people actually met....Maybe they did have Gay Bars back then....!

    As to what other time period you would have liked to have lived in---Well, I don't feel I know you well enough to really know. But here is a very wild guess...New York in the 1930's--1940's...Or Hollywood!
    How far off am I??? LOL!

    As for myself, I cannot imagine living in any other time than the one I live in now....So, though that is kind of boring...It is the truth....!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Nice Posting

  11. I have to say during this time period you would have found me back East. I don't like the way they treated women back then in the West LOL