This is an update about Ryan, some of you might already know but those that don't he did something stupid and because of his actions he's in the hospital. He asked me to post something and I told him I would and also would say my piece. Ryan has a drinking problem and I think now he realizes this. Because of his actions he will be in some trouble and will live a different life now. Drinking and cars don't mix and he is smart enough to know this. His mom & dad are with him and he is ok. I know some of you have been calling or texting but he doesn't have his phone I do and after a while I shut it off just so you know. Please give our family some time and especially Ryan. I don't know when or if he will post again but he asked me to do this post so I did.

Personal note, Ryan I love you and believe in you. I know you will get through this and your family is and will always be here for you.

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  1. naturgesetz Says:

    Thanks for the update, Corey. I'm very sorry to hear of the trouble, and I hope and pray that Ryan will be okay.

    It will be good if this serves as a wake up call with no permanent damage. He's young enough to learn from this and have a better life because of it.

  2. ryan field Says:

    I believe in you too, Ryan. And you should already know that. I'm glad you're okay. I'm thinking about you. E-mail me when you're feeling better. I'm a good listener.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    OMG! Ryry, you better get better soon. I let Booze get teh best of me back in the day but vowed it would never happen again and that was 30 years ago. You are bigger and stronger than that bottle. Inside it you'll only find trouble. I just know you are strong enough not to let alcohol tell you what to do. Get well soon and if you don't feel like ever blogging again I'll have a big empty hole inside but I'm an old troll and will always remember my dear Ryry. Best wishes, ed

  4. Corey please tell Ryan I love and believe in him too, and well make mistakes but can bounce back from them. Sending big love his way from Darlington South Carolina!~

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Ryan...I love you no matter what...
    I'm praying for the best always...
    Please...Keep me informed...You
    will ALWAYS have my support and my
    unconditional love...

    Forever your Texas Mom


  6. elise Says:

    Thank you Corey---Please tell Ryan I am praying for him, and everyone affected by whatever happened---and I love him and and am here for him.

  7. David Says:

    omg... i just heard. Jesus when mom finds out shes gunna flip. I knew Ryan had abut drinking problem but from what he was telling me it wasn't as severe as it sounds now. It sounds like he got into a car accident, I am hoping not while drinking n driving. Ooh I am on the verge of tears about this... Just get better Ryan and we all should pray that there is nothing perminant about this.

    Please get better ryan. I know in life we can make loads of mistakes but I believe that you can turn all of this around. I believe in you my friend. Just get better my little soldier. If you can't blog ever again I know it would leave an empty hole inside of me but atleast I still have your number so I can call ya up and bug ya lol.

    Please get better,
    Your lil guardian "Angel"

  8. jimm Says:

    Corey, thanks for the headsup. I also have had my run-ins with alcohol and cars.

    I hope you can reach deep down inside and turn your life around, Ryan. You have a special kindness for those who are different. Don't lose that, it's your strength.

  9. Tim Says:


    still, get well soon,

  10. Yes that’s true, Ryan has a special kindness for those who are different, and he is indeed special. And so I hope and pray for him with deep sympathy and believe and ... OK, love.

  11. Chuck Says:


    Dude, Ryan, I hope you get better, all the way around. I'm so bummed to hear this. Hope you're OK, and if you're not, I truly hope you get there soon. Thinkin' of you.

  12. Chuck Says:

    Oof, and sorry, forgot to thank Corey -- thanks so much for the update. Hope you're keeping things together as best you can, dude. Be strong. All y'all will need each other :)

  13. Martin Says:

    Well, this is sad and unexpected news, not what I wanted to read on your blog, Ryan.
    But I know you have faced many other obstacles in your young life,and overcome them, just as you will overcome this one. You have the love and support of your family, as well as your dedicated "blog family" to get you through the tough times.

    I too love and believe in you & know you'll be OK. But one word of warning from me--if you don't straighten out & behave, I'll team up with Ed and we'll both come down there and you'll be stuck with 2 old trolls trailing you day & night to keep you out of trouble! :)

  14. Aaron Says:

    Seriously Ryan ... I'm gonna come down there and kick yer ass. I know its all about fun and party when you're young ... and we've all had that experience ... but drinking and driving? Sheesh.

    PS the word verification below is "stoned" !

  15. Patrick93001 Says:

    Thanks Corey for the update. I too have found that alcohol/vehicles don't mix. Luckily, I only got caught; not hurt or hurt anyone else, or worse. It was a wake-up call.

    Ryan, someone's looking out for you, and it's clear you have a much larger caring 'family' beyond your immediate one. Heed their concerns. I just reread your post from Feb 26, 2009 on Dreams and you wondered the meaning of reliving an event through a dream. Perhaps this: What we do can have consequences, and often we are lucky to just get an ass-whipping with a belt from your dad. Other times, maybe not so lucky...maybe this was your second chance. Learn and live life, don't treat it carelessly.
    Enough preaching.

    This is Patrick, from the g0ys groups. We chatted a few times in Mid March, but you were feeling a little under the weather...so I was going to give you some time to recuperate. Then I got knocked down with the bug, twice.

    Martin, you and Ed can add one more troll to your posse to keep these young-uns in line!

    Be well all. Take care of yourselves, and each other (a Jerry Springer moment)


  16. Jacky Says:


    Be Safe and Get Well.

    Luv Jacky

  17. Even though i'm no longer blogging i'm just checking in please give Ryan my love Corey or Laurie or whoever can!

    Hopefully I will be facebooking again regularly by Friday!

  18. Chicka Says:

    I haven't stopped in in awhile, but please do give him our love. My husband has just realized that he's got a drinking problem, too. It's something he's got to take care of himself. I can't make him "all better," just like Ryan's got to do this for himself. It's going to be a long road. I'm glad everyone is ok.

    Hugs all the way around. Thanks so much for keeping us posted.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Sweetie...I need to know if
    you still want me to send you the
    DVD of Josh's percussion thing...
    If so where do you want it sent...
    Please let me know...

    I wish you the BEST!!!

    Love you always and forever...