March on Washington

I was reading this morning and I'm sure many bloggers will write about this today but I have to put my 2 cents in on it. Cleve Jones is planning a march on Washington Oct the 11th that will coincide with National Coming Out Day. I really don't have a problem so much with this I have said the last few weeks about being unhappy about change we voted for and haven't seen anything yet. But I have to say I think in these times this is a bad idea I know people will show up but some people just can't afford to do this. I think there is other ways of getting your point across and a wiser way to spend money than doing a march. When the people that own them motels around that area find out about a march there gonna jack the prices up higher than they already are. I just think all the money spent can be use for the cause in a better way than a march. Don't get me wrong sometimes marches are a good thing and sometimes they must be but I just don't think this is the right thing this time. Now I think what Cleve Jones has in mind is a great idea just bad timing. I like the fact he's not scared to call out The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints them people are a big problem and need to be put in check besides there just weird. I know not all is gonna agree with me and it's ok this is just my opinion. Check out the story here
Ok I got a few emails asking when I was going to my next nudist thing and where was it going to be? At this point until my leg heals up I'm just not sure. But you can catch nude daily by the pool or hot at my house! No peeking over the fence!

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  1. ryan field Says:

    Good post...Watch out for the peepers though. I used to live in a townhouse and I always walked around on my deck naked (it was fenced and I didn't think anyone could see), and then I found out they could see.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I watched what I could of what
    Obama said the other day...I
    was not impressed with him...I
    didn't vote for him nor did I vote
    for McPain In My Ass...If people
    are gonna march...They will no
    matter what the cost to do so...
    Hotels and motels jack their prices
    up all the time no matter what...



  3. Says:

    I heard that Obama declared June Gay and Lesbian Pride Month‎. I hope he is not only making declarations but really shows up to a Pride.

    Our president (Switzerland) did this a few years back and opened his address with "Dear ladies and ladies, dear gentlemen and gentlemen". I was only words but it gave the movement a significant boost. It really feels good to be accepted.

  4. Martin Says:

    I wonder how effective a march like this would be, as well. Unless you could get a massive crowd of people there, like around 250,000 marchers, I doubt it would be more than a brief story on the national news. It wouldn't really change the minds of people who oppose gay marriage.
    I attended the first gay rights march on Washington back in 1979, and it was estimated there was about 100,000 people there. Although the police claimed the attendance was much less. Back then a march that large drew quite a bit of attention, but there have been so many various marches in Washington since then, they seem to have less impact.

  5. Hiya Ryan,

    I always agree with marches for one reason, they put the issue in peoples faces. But it takes years, decades of marching and campaigning for even a small change in public opinion (on moral matters) and so if people cannot make it, for whatever reason, then next time.

    However, although I support marches, I completely agree that there are other, newer and more creative ways of bringing about change and highlighting issues. So I'd also like to see the money being spent differently.

    Best wishes, Shane. x

    ps: Arrived here off a link from Ryan's blog.