Savannah Bound

Later today me & Dad are flying up to Savannah this will be my first real test on flying with my leg and the metal pins and rods should be fun. Yesterday Dad got a call from a Hollywood producer asking if he would be interested in renting out the beach house said there making a movie on the island and our beach house is what they have in mind for using for the movie how cool huh? So later today were flying up there so he can talk to them and work out the money details I guess. My Sister is really sike out coz if it works out she will get to meet one of her idols. We will be back here in Florida Friday so it will be a quick trip Dad ask me to go with him kinda surprised me I think me saying yeah I'll go with him was a bigger surprise. Anyway I need to get off here and get some things done before we leave.
Got an email yesterday from my friend Gomad ya'll should check out his blog also just click on his name. Anyway he sent me this link to a video on youtube said he thought it would do more good on my blog. So please watch the video it has a very good point. Thanks Gomad!

4 Responses
  1. ryan field Says:

    Hey, Have fun. I love Savannah. My latest book, which isn't out yet, is actually set there. I've even thought about moving there.

  2. Good choice from Gomad, hope you will have a nice time there and not much trouble with your leg on the flight.

  3. Seth Says:

    Yeah hope everything goes ok with the flight - try not to annoy the stewardesses too much LOL unless they are cute gay ones :)

    That's cool about the house - I guess they pay something for that right? But take into consideration how LONG they will use it, etc... some of those movie shoots / scenes can take entire days or weeks!!


  4. Anonymous Says:

    Enjoy the time with your dad...
    You'll be glad later...

    I just wish that your sisters idol
    was a little better at being a good
    role model...

    I would so love to be there when
    those detectors go off HA HA!!

    Be safe and know that I loves ya!