Drunk on a Golf Cart & Michael Jackson

There been a lot going on in my life the last week in seems. Daytona was fun for the most part had some issues there also. Had a drunk run into me after the race with his golf cart knock me off my crutches re-injured my knee spent the last couple days at the hospital getting it fixed again. So yeah I'm pissed about that and normally I'm not big on people taking places or people to curt for penny lawsuits as I call them but this time I am so thinking about taking the guy who hit me and Daytona speedway there for not protecting it's guests from drunks on golf carts hello this guy was so wasted he passed a lot of officers and they didn't stop him.

I also got into with a really good friend of mine over a topic that I thought was behind us but I guess not it hurts me so bad that he let's people push him around like he does and goes along with it just to keep his job. I know some people have too but some don't and I feel he don't so he lies to make the masses happy. Well I'm sorry I can't go along with your lie and until you change I think are friendship will hurt and that hurts me worse than a knife.Also I have things coming up for me that might make me turn this blog into a private one my question would ya'll still follow or want to follow my life? I don't want to say to much about what I'll be doing until I am 100% sure I got it but I was told if I get it I'll have to go private on the blog and myspace, facebook.

Um let me see what else is there Michael Jackson I haven't said anything about him on here or anywhere let me explain why I don't know much about him I mean I know his music and seen some of his videos but I really wasn't into his music. My Mom now she was guess it's here era she grew up with him she was sad over his passing. I will say it's sad that many people are sad now over his passing but many of these same people were standing a few years ago calling him wacko jacko over the child molesting case. Like I said I don't know much about him but I do know he was human no matter what else he did he was human and now that he's gone let him rest give his kids some space and remember what he did for the music business and how he touch many people with his music. I will say this my favorite Michael Jackson song is Man in the Mirror what a great song with a great message. I do have mixed feeling over the memorial service yesterday and the state of California having to pay and shutting down the interstates when there already on the verge of bankruptcy not sure that's right if it was me or you and wanted extra help from the police we would have to pay for the off duty officers. I'm just saying I have mixed feelings about that.

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  1. ryan field Says:

    I don't like petty lawsuits either, but if it's their fault they should pay.

    I'd follow the blog if it went private, but I'd hate to see you lose exposure. Now I can say, hey, read Ryan's blog, it's really good. If you go private, I can't say that.

    I liked Michael Jackson, but I wasn't one of the huge fans. I liked Billie Jean and Man in the Mirror.

  2. Carl Says:

    I would still follow private or public no matter what you decide.

  3. Uncle Gerry Says:

    I am with Ryan re the lawsuit, drunks should pay for the misery they cause, and you know I would follow your blog, public, private or somewhere in between. Healing thoughts from me to you. love and hugs.

  4. Aaron Says:

    I would follow you anywhere.

  5. gomad.ch Says:

    I follow you to wherever you desire.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Several Blogs have gone private that I used to follow every day. I guess they didn't want an old fart like me reading it. I would miss your blog but if it is what you need to do then I'm sure a fossil like me won't be missed. ed

  7. Of course I would follow you if you let me, but I agree to Mr. Field. You have a lot to say and a unmistakably unique voice and it would be sad, if not everybody has the chance to become acquainted with you.

    And about Michael Jackson, yes I had a bit this feeling of hypocrisy when I was seeing the news about him. Actually I was never a fan, but I’ve discovered again, how great his music is, how rich of nuances, inventions and intensity. And then this sad life. Maybe I’m completely wrong, but my impression was, at the end he was driving by despair, he wanted to escape literally his own skin, his own body, he could not bear himself and wanted to flee into an innocence, which is not given to us. I hope he has peace now.

    But that’s not that important. I hope you have to tell some more joyful news the next time, but thanks for sharing.

  8. naturgesetz Says:

    I'd continue to follow if you'd let me on a private blog.

    Really sorry to hear about the reinjury. Obviously the drunk should pay for whatever it cost you and whatever losses you had. If a lawsuit is the only way to get him to do it, then there is the question whether it's worth the trouble. But it might teach him a lesson.

  9. elise Says:

    Very sorry to hear about your re-injury----I agree that those responsible should be held accountable.I'm sending you healing hugs......

    And you know I will follow you and your blog anywhere, sweetie!!

  10. Angel Says:

    I am also with you there. I hate petty lawsuits because they make stupid sense. But what that guy did to you was cause you bodily harm. In which you should sue his ass. I don't consider that petty because something really bad happened to you when you were already hurt. So yes, sue his ass. Maybe he will think next time driving a golf cart while drunk. God... I would have so decked his ass for hurting you. Sometimes it hurts when I can't be there to protect you but atleast I know in my heart you can take care of yourself.

    About your blog issue, I say go private. The way you said about having to private must mean you are getting a job of some kind and want to keep your business secret. No big. Do what you feel is necessary but all I say is never give up on this. You are such a beautiful person that to not hear from you would be like me loosing connection with a brother and best friend.

    I love ya ryan. Stay strong and HEAL. I am here rootin and praying for ya. Email me sometime! I miss talkin with you.

    Get better champ,
    your lil angel

  11. longtime reader Says:

    Um, how different is this guy drinking and driving on his golf cart from you drinking and drving when you got hurt originally?

    Ryan, I hope your leg heals up soon and I wish you well. But it seems a bit strange to me to hear you talking all righteous about getting the law on this guy, without reflecting on the similarity between his situation and your own. Somehow, that doesn't seem like you... Usually you are the thoughtful type of person.

    Drinking and driving is wrong, whoever you are. So stay safe and take care. And concentrate on making your own life a happy one, and one you can be proud of.

  12. Ryan Says:

    longtime reader you are so right and thanks so much for pointing it out to me. i was thinking i didnt hurt anybody but myself when i crash the car but the thing is i could have. so your right and i decided to drop things and hope the guy learn something like i have.


  13. Tim Says:

    I'd follow your blog if it went private!

    If he was drunk, sue him, daytona wasn't responsible for his stupid decisions

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