Love is Alive

Well I know everyone has been waiting for a update with some good news from me. Kadin and I have been talking and when I was home last weekend he called me he told me he is ready to commit to me totally. Not that he was cheating he never done that but there were things that were stopping him from being a couple totally. As most of you know we had an issue with his parents and he had a problem with that. His parents for some reason don't like me much I haven't totally figure that out yet more of that later. But when he called he said he was ready if I still wanted him. Hell yeah I still want him and I ask when do you want me back in Florida he told me as soon as I could get there. Trust me it didn't take me long to get here. He was waiting at our house for me and well you know what happen from there all I will say I was in heavens arms.

His parents well we went over this past week and had dinner. This I didn't want to do but he ask me too so I did. We sit down for dinner and before we ate he told his parents that we are a couple and was going to be together didn't matter if they liked it or not. He went on to tell them this is his choice and he would hope they would support him but if they didn't or treat me bad he would have to make a choice and he look at his mom and told her she would lose. I was in shock as much as his mom was but his dad stood up and its the first time I seen him take charge and look at Kadin and said if Ryan is who you want to be with and he makes you happy then he makes us happy. So more good news on top of all that is I have a job now my dad call in a few favors and hook me up with a job. I am working for the state now in the correction department for mean kids. For now I just work behind the glass because of my knee but I might get to work on the other side once I'm back to 100% pretty much what I do is open and close doors with computers keep an eye on the monitors to make sure no fights break out and help with bookings. Not the dream job but it's a job and I never realize how mean some of the boys are. I feel sorry for some of them but I have to remember they are there for a reason. I also want to help with there reading and school work I think I would be good at that but right now they just want me to learn the ropes.

So I guess I will be sitting up house with Kadin and doing what all people do and that is work live and pay bills but the most important thing is I'll be loving and someone will be loving me. I will try to post at least once a week as a apart of my deal with Kadin Also myspace and facebook I won't be doing much on but will touch base on there from time to time. Emails are always welcome as well as your comments. I love you comments your thoughts and inputs on my doings. I hope this catches everything up for now and remember if I left something out just ask me and I'll hit it the next time.Thanks for all the love and support!
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  1. Eirik Says:

    Dude, I am very happy for you both. I am also very proud of his Dad! That was very cool of him to stand up and in one action, showed love, support and pride in his son unconditionally.

    Congrats on the job too! I had a job kin of like that once and the thing that I remember most was yeah, the kids did some bad things to get there, but something almost 100% of the time made them that way. It was extremely rare that one was born "bad".

    Thanks for the post and update!

  2. Mr. Urs Says:

    There were tears of joy in my eyes when I read this :)

  3. I’m so happy for you. And if I don’t comment sometimes, it’s because I don’t know what to say but I read always, so please keep posting. Best wishes.

  4. Uncle Gerry Says:

    Well, Well, quite the update nephew! I am so glad you and Kadin have committed to each other and that his Dad took his pants back and said what he did. You both of course have my blessings and best wishes for a long future together. Love and Hugs aplenty.

  5. ryan field Says:

    Good for you both. You know how much I love a happy ending :)

    And congrats on the job.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    So glad you guys made it through the rough patch. There is a rainbow over the next hill. Many gay boys find out that when they come out to their parents the unconditional love thing is put out and so are they. Kicked out the door like so much garbage. I hope only the best for you two lovebirds. ed

  7. sounds like a perfect ending to a great love story.

    wish u the best.
    and never stop loving.

  8. Chuck Says:

    Great news, and so good to hear! Good on you for the new job, too. Thanks for the smile!

  9. CreamedHoney Says:

    I've been reading your blog for a very long time and I must say your life has taken more twists and turns than some of those "lotharios" on daytime soaps. Glad the goodtimes have returned. We all want the very best for you. Never a dull moment here!

  10. jimm Says:

    Since im so late getting online, guess i kinda get last word.

    Kadin took the initiative with you, and then his parents. Then he stood up for the both of you. That is pretty awesome. Took alotta guts too. Hats off to Kadin!

    Also, I really really like your job and how your Dad is helping you. I have always said you are a 'people person.' That means you should have a job working with people.

    Ryan, it's the emotions. That's what you identify with most. Use that trait to the best of your abilities to help other people. Help them to see their strengths, and help them to see their weaknesses.

    luvya both,

  11. Malia Sutton Says:

    What a truly wonderful story. Good luck to you both.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, Ryan, 9.02am Monday here in New Zealand and your story has made my day way brighter already.

    Please treat this note as being a voucher for you to plant one (1) extra sloppy kiss anyway on Kadin's person whenever he least expects it.

  13. elise Says:

    My heart is dancing for you, Ryan! I join the others in sending you 2 my hugs and love and blessings and wishes for a beautiful, happy life together. God knows you deserve it!

  14. So glad to hear this and I wish you and Kadin all the love in the world honey!!!!

  15. Angel Says:

    awesome! *does happy dance*. Let kadin know that I say thank you ryan. And thank you ryan for being the soldier that you are.

    Later beautiful,

  16. Matt Says:

    Congrats on the progress with Kadin...I hate when family's try to get in the way of love...this is something I have yet to confront, as I haven't introduced a "boyfriend" to my family yet..

    Also congrats on the job, even though its not ideal, its better than nothing...

    L8tr man,