Answering a Comment

On my post the other How You Like Me Now post I got a comment not sure who it was from they didn't leave a name but this what I said...

The gay guy at Bells department store I understand pride and being who you are trust me I do. Equal rights, pride marches and all that I am all for but you take the cake on being way too gay ok! If you feel between your legs your still a boy and you still have balls why don't you use them for something besides rubbing. If you ever address me as girl again I will slapped the shit out of you period ok I have a cock and balls and proud of them. So start acting like you do or I'll make you a girl cut cut slice right off!

The comment that was left said this...

Way to be intolerant and give gay bashers justification. By bashing fellow gay guys you give bashers justification to bash you. Because maybe they find you overly gay and because of that, they feel like you need to be castrated the way you wanted to castrate him. Maybe a little tolerance would go a long way...

Now I am not mad about this comment for ya'll know I am all about freedom of speech. I just think I was misunderstood on what I was bitching about first off let me say I would never hit anybody unless they hit me first. I was just bitching that day but since I got that comment I feel I need to address my feelings a little deeper. I have no problem with a person being who they are but being a gay guy myself I feel I have a right to my thoughts also. I feel that some gay guys take being gay way to far. What I mean by that is some gay guys act to women for me calling each other girl and shit like that I can't stand. I also feel that being that way gives gays a bad name. I feel that the str8 community looks at gays being that way and it rubs them wrong now I normally would say who gives a fuck what they think but with us gays wanting equal rights I feel we have to be better than them and calling each others girls and acting like girls makes us look bad. Now this is only my feelings but I feel we have to be better than the str8 community we have to look better act better we have to show the world that gay people are the best people in the world. I know that acting girly is part of our community just like drag queens are don't mean I have to like it. Saying all that I would never hurt a persons feelings in public hell I would never say anything to anybody that's why I said it on here. I am a gay man and I want to be with a gay man not a girly man. Remember people these are my thoughts only and would love your take on this.

Have a good weekend!
6 Responses
  1. Mr. Urs Says:

    Hear, hear. I like it when you get titties in a twist... (don't get me wrong on this).

    It had to be in the most strictly ironic sense that I would accept to be called a girl.

  2. Angel Says:

    Again, we live in a very beautiful messed up world. But there are beautiful people like you ryan that make this world just abit more safer. I understand big time about the misconceptions of gay men. I remember telling someone I was gay and they immediately got offended. I of course joke and said," Yeah I know I have a high pitch voice but im a man. Its how god made me and I am proud of who I am."

    Homophobia to me is something that I find to be rather stupid and immature. We live in a world where we embrace diversity of any kind. If some person believes in these stigmas about gay people then it is their own false beliefs.

    I also like it when you get your nips in a twist lol. Like I said before many times you are one hulluva amazing person ryan. But I think you know that hehe.

    And all we can do as gay men is educate those less fortunate. I have been called a girl before but I let people know I am just as man enough as the next man.

    You've got me talking up a storm. I hope you and kadin are well, including your folks. Hope to speak with you soon.

    Love, peace, and many x's n o's.


  3. Everyone has a right to their own opinion and sometimes we say or do things that get totally misconstrued. Anyone who knows you, Ryan, already knows what you said. The anony-mouse commenter can go play in traffic.

  4. Eirik Says:

    Dude, I feel you on this. What I have seen and in my perception, some gay guys use "gay" as thier entire identity. I am who I am. Sure I am gay, but I am much more than that as we all are. I think what you described was someone that forgot who he really was and fell back on a cliche.


  5. jimm Says:

    It's really all about addressing people's fears. I have a hard time overcoming my own. Sucks, huh?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I think what most people forget is that sometimes those guys are flaming it up and sometimes they're not. Sometimes that is who they are. By saying they should knock it off you're trying to stifle who they are.

    I get that it's annoying. But I find it amusing that you equate how flaming some gays are with our ability to obtain equality. What's the point in being gay if we can't be ourselves?

    We're already blowing the masculinity box apart by liking other guys. Then other gay guys come along and try and put all gay guys in another box. It seems like it's human nature to put someone in a box, so that they can be understood as having all the qualities that come with the box.

    Why have the box to begin with? It's so useless. I get that it helps categorizing people and determining how you interact with them. But then it's basically saying that "I'd rather not get to know you, if I can judge you first and determine that I probably don't want to know you".

    How is that open minded? Sounds more like some podunk backwoods Kentucky folk who know that girls do girl things and men do men things and that's all there is to it.

    Basically, I know where you're coming from. I used to think the same ways. Then I realized that I was no better than homophobes who write all gays off, because of who they love and care about. I was writing people off based on how they acted, rather than the content of their character.